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All phone numbers are in the 805 area code unless otherwise stated.


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Death Certificates Certified Copies Clerk-Recorder-Assessor
Santa Barbara 568-2250
Santa Maria 346-8370
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Debt Collection Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2933
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Deeds Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2250
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Deferred Compensation
Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2497
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Dental Disease Prevention Program Public Health Department 681-5365
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Description of Property Clerk-Recorder-Assessor
Lompoc 737-7899
Santa Barbara 568-2550
Santa Maria 346-8310
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Development Plans Planning & Development 568-2090
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Director Sales, County General Services/Communications 681-5577
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Disease Control & Prevention Public Health Department 681-5280
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District Attorney 568-2300
Annex 568-2350
Consumer Mediation Program 568-2390
Criminal Investigations 568-2300
Juvenile Division 568-2439
Non-Sufficient Check Program 568-2310
Victim-Witness Assistance Progam 568-2400
Welfare Fraud 568-2353
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Divorce Information Superior Court 882-4520
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Docents County Courthouse 962-6464
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Drainage Public Works/Flood Control
Lompoc 736-8215
Santa Barbara 568-3440
Santa Maria 934-6125
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Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health 681-5440
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Dumping, Trash Public Works/Resource Recovery & Waste Management 681-4345
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Easements General Services/Real Property 568-3070
Private Property General Services/Real Property 568-3070
Roads Widening Public Works/Roads 681-5678
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Early Care & Education, Office of County Administrator 560-1039
Santa Barbara   560-1039
Santa Maria   349-7553
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Economic Development County Administrator 568-3409
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Elections Clerk-Recorder-Assessor
Lompoc 737-7704
Santa Barbara 568-2200
Santa Maria 346-8374
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Emergency Medical Services  Public Health Department 681-5274
Ambulance Issues 681-5274
Certifications/Licensing 681-5274
Emergency Department Issues 681-5274
Injury Prevention 681-5274
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Emergency Planning & Services Fire Department (OES) 681-5500
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Employee Information Human Resources
Assistance 568-2800
Assistance Program Occupational Health Services 1-800-227-3310
Benefits 568-2800
Relations/Compensation 568-2819
Retirement System SBC Employee Retirement System 568-2940
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Employees' University County Administrator 692-1740
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Employment Human Resources 568-2800
24-Hour Job Information Line (Recording) 568-2820
TDD For Speech & Hearing Impaired 568-2800
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Employment Training Workforce Resource Center  
Santa Barbara, 130 E Ortega St 884-6810
Santa Maria, 1410 S Broadway, Suite A 614-1550
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Employment Verification    
Auditor Controller 568-2100
Human Resources 568-2800
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Environmental Health Services Public Health Department 681-4900
Community Health
Santa Barbara 681-4900
Santa Maria 346-8460
Land Use 681-4900
Resource Recovery & Waste Management 681-4900
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Evictions Sheriff
Lompoc Office 737-7710
Santa Barbara Office 568-2900
Santa Maria Office 346-7430
Solvang Office 686-5087
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Property Tax Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
Religious Charitable Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
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Fair, Santa Barbara County Santa Maria Fairpark* 925-8824
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Family Mediation Superior Court
Santa Barbara 882-4667
Lompoc/Santa Maria 614-6429
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Family Planning Public Health Department
Toll-Free Number 1(800)288-8145
Carpinteria 684-8681
Franklin 568-2099
Lompoc 737-6432
Santa Barbara 681-5170
Santa Maria 346-8410
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Fictitious Business Name Clerk-Recorder-Assessor
Lompoc Applications Only 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2250
Santa Maria 346-8370
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Fictitious Business Licenses Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2933
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Filing Fees
Civil Fees Santa Barbara Superior Court
Anacapa Division 568-2220
Figueroa Division 568-2740
Lompoc Division 737-7796
Santa Maria Division 346-7563
Solvang Division 686-5083
Small Claims Fees
Figueroa Division 568-2770
Lompoc Division 737-7796
Santa Maria Division 346-7564
Solvang Division 686-5083
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Film Permits Planning & Development/Building & Safety 568-3030
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Fire Department 681-5500
Fire Permits 681-5500
Fire Safety Inspections 681-5500
Hazardous Materials 681-5500
Hazardous Materials Inspections 681-5500
Hazardous Materials Permits 681-5500
House Numbering 681-5500
Leaking Underground Fuel Tank Program 681-5500
Prevention 681-5500
Public Information 681-5531
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Fish & Game State of California 684-6281
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Flood Control/Water Resources Public Works 568-3440
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Food Permits Public Health Department/Environmental Health
Santa Barbara South County 681-4900
Santa Maria North County 346-8460
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Foster Children Health Care Information Public Health Department
Santa Barbara 681-4449
Santa Maria 934-6564
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Foster Family Information Social Services
Santa Barbara 681-4551
Santa Maria 346-8285
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4-H Cooperative Extension/Youth Education & Research
Santa Barbara Office 692-1730
Santa Maria Office 934-6240
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Fraud Investigation District Attorney
Consumer Law
Lompoc 737-7760
Santa Barbara 568-2390
Santa Maria 346-7538
Welfare Fraud
Lompoc 737-7777
Santa Barbara 568-2350
Santa Maria 346-7520
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