Living in Santa Barbara County - Everything you need to know for day to day life in your community, Volunteerism, Pets, Birth, Death, Marriages, Permits, Voting, Housing, Environment, Transportation.

arrowCommunity Links
Links to a variety of Santa Barbara related web sites.

arrowEmergency Management
Links to a variety of Santa Barbara related web sites.

arrowChild and Family Services
Need help? Resources for children, families and senior citizens can be found here.
arrowEducation and Training
All sorts of links to resources available in County of Santa Barbara for education. From kindergarten through professional certifications and training.
arrowSenior Citizen Central
Retired or have a family member that needs assistance? Resources for Seniors in County of Santa Barbara including health insurance, medical, nutrition, and assistance.
From Point A to Point B - by foot, bus, car, plane, boat, or bike.
arrowHousing and Community Development
Need to find or fix a home? Start here for property tax and assessment information, building permits, rental assistance, and resources for revitalizing your community.
arrowPermits and Licenses
Get the documents you need, from marriage licenses to building permits and camping reservations.
arrowHealth Care
From clinics to crisis lines, Health agencies across the county offer medical care and public health information. Find services for the poor, for senior, for mothers and infants and for others in the community.
arrowFor Veterans
Resource center for those having served in US military.
arrowAnimal Care and Adoption
Look for your lost pet, tips, training and resources for your existing pet or find a new addition for your family.
arrowConsumer Rights and Protection
Learn about product recalls, lodge a complaint, or report a potential environmental code violation.
arrowEnjoying the County of Santa Barbara
Looking for things to do? Discover local beaches, restaurants, bike paths, and activities.
Everyone is responsible for protecting our environment! There's information here that will help you.
arrowLaw Enforcement, Legal Resources and Courts
Where to go for information and assistance with all that involves law enforcement and justice. Traffic tickets, jury service, juvenile justice, abuse prevention, most wanted.
arrowMarriage, Domestic Partnerships, and Divorce
The information you need on marriage or domestic partnerships and divorce - the process, the paperwork, the benefits, and more.
arrowTaxes, Fines and Fees
Everything you need to know about paying fines, fees, licenses or the assessment and collection of property taxes.
arrowVolunteer Opportunities
Information on how and where you can donate your time and resources to help the County.
arrowWater and Waste Services
Resources for recycling and our water needs.
arrowCitizenship, Elections and Voting
Everything you need to know about citizenship, elections and voting.





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