County Executive Office

Boards, Commissions and Committees

In Santa Barbara County, many opportunities exist to participate in and serve on local regulatory and advisory boards, commissions and committees. The County of Santa Barbara currently has approximately 70 Boards, Commissions and Committees that make recommendations to the Board on a variety of subjects. For information on a specific board, commission or committee, click here.

The Clerk of the Board is responsible for the preparation, update and maintenance of the roster of all regular and ongoing boards, commissions and committees as well as the names of appointees who serve at the pleasure of the Board.

The "Roster" includes a listing of appointees, dates of appointment and expiration of such terms, appointing authority and any existing vacancies as well as fact sheets which identifies the board, commission or committee, its legal genesis or justifications for existence, the terms and necessary qualifications for appointment.

Persons wishing to apply to a board, commission or committee should complete and deliver an application form, available online or from the Clerk of the Board, and deliver the form to the appointing Supervisor's office and the Clerk's Office. A list of current vacancies is available to the public at the Clerk of the Board Office.

The Roster is published on an annual basis, however, it is updated weekly with information regarding new appointees, terms of appointment, vacancies or amendments to membership requirements and is available in the Clerk of the Board Office.

Santa Barbara County Code

The Clerk of the Board office is responsible for the publication of the Santa Barbara County Code. The County Code contains all of the legislation passed into law by the Board of Supervisors with the exception of Land Use ordinances. The County Code is published two times per year.

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