County Executive Office

Legislative Program

The Legislative Program Committee ("Committee") was established in September 1991, by the Board of Supervisors. The Committee considers and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on State and Federal legislation.

The Committee is comprised of five members. Two are members of the Board of Supervisors, and are appointed annually by the Board Chair. The remaining three members are the County Executive Officer, County Counsel, and Auditor-Controller. Membership of the 2007 Committee is as follows:

Salud Carbajal - First District Supervisor
Doreen Farr - Third District Supervisor
Mona Miyasato - County Executive Officer
Michael Ghizzoni - County Counsel
Robert W. Geis -  Auditor - Controller

The County Executive Office and County Counsel provides staff support to the Committee. Staff to the Committee is as follows:

Terri Maus-Nisich, Asst. CEO

Joe Toney, Financial Analyst