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The office of the Public Defender exists to provide legal services to those persons who qualify for our assistance. Lawyers, investigators and secretarial staff are employed to accomplish this goal.

Because we are a law office, our primary obligation is, therefore, to the law. Thus, we must first comply with statutory and case law and the rules of professional conduct in performing our services.

Our secondary obligation is to the client. Within the rules of our legal system, we are to provide effective, vigorous and loyal advocacy. In so doing, we must be mindful that our obligation is to individual clients, not to "defendants" as a perceived class.

Our third responsibility is to provide these services in the most economical and efficient manner possible. In accomplishing this final goal, it is our duty to cooperate with other related agencies and to remain open to suggestions and alterations of procedure that would increase the efficiency of the justice system without denigrating the rights of those whom we represent.


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