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As part of Santa Barbara County's Human Resources, the Employees’ University works in collaboration with our customers to develop, support and retain an ethical, diverse and high-performing workforce dedicated to providing excellent service to the community.  The Employees’ University offers a variety of learning opportunities in north and south county.  All employees, from line staff to executives, can take advantage of online, half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions that help to build competencies and hone skills in alignment with the County's core values of customer-focus, accountability, and efficiency. 

Please click here to see the 2019 course schedule - Employees' University 2019 Course Schedule 

Supervisor and Manager Development

The County is committed to ensure that supervisory and management employees have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and successfully. The goal is for supervisors and managers, the team members who report to them, and those they report to, to be positioned to work together in a positive and collaborative environment.  To that end, the County has implemented a Supervisor and Manager Selection and Development Program with recommended training appropriate to the individual’s position and experience.  Training is available through a variety of sources including live, instructor led classes at the Employees’ University, desktop delivery and online through EU E-Learning. 

Harassment Training Tip Sheet


Customized Training  (Specialized training for County departments and external agencies)
Customized training is a method  that  provides training tailored to the specific needs of departments or employees, when standard Employees' University classes are not the answer.  If your department wants a group of employees  to take the same EU class, at the same time, it can be arranged, just-in-time, to fit your schedule.

Classes may be held at a location of your choice or at the EU  training  center  and  customized to fit your unique business  objectives.  The EU can conduct  a single class or a series of classes just for your department. 

A minimum of 12 participants is required and discounts apply for large groups. 


Email for more information - euregis@co.santa-barbara.ca.us

Office Professional Skill Training Requirements
The Employees' University offers a suite of classes specifically designed for employees in the administrative, financial, and legal office professional job categories.  The instructor-led and online classes are listed on the office professional matrices and can also be accessed through the Office Professional Opportunities Board (SBC Intranet). The online courses for office professionals are available through Skillport.

These skill training matrices identify courses required for Office Professionals to progress in the class series.

Administrative Office Professional Matrix
Financial Office Professional Matrix
Legal Office Professional Matrix


Online Tutorials


 Tutorials for County employees only 


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