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All phone numbers are in the 805 area code unless otherwise stated.


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Abandoned Vehicles/Illegal Dumping Public Works/Resource Recovery & Waste Management
North County 739-8769
South County 681-4342
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Absentee Voting Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2200
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Accounts Payable Auditor-Controller 568-2110
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Abstract of Judgment Superior Court
Santa Barbara 882-4520
Santa Maria 614-6414
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Action Summary Minutes Information Clerk of The Board 568-2241
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Adopt A Highway State of California* 549-3637
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Adoptions Countywide Social Services 346-7119
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Adoptions Countywide 737-7071
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Step Parent Adoptions Probation Department 882-3754
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Adult Abuse Hotline Social Services 681-4550
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Adult & Aging Network (AAN) Social Services 614-1264
Or Fax 614-1239
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Adult Protective Services/In-Home Supportive Services Social Services
Lompoc 737-6020
Santa Barbara 681-4550
Santa Maria 346-8303
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Affirmative Action County 568-3410
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Affordable Housing Treasurer/Tax Collector 568-3520
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Agenda Information Board of Supervisors Clerk of The Board 568-2240
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Aging & Long-Term Care Network Social Services 346-8355
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Agricultural Commissioner 681-5600
Carpinteria 684-3810
Lompoc 737-7733
Santa Barbara 681-5600
Santa Maria 934-6200
Solvang 686-5064
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AIDS Public Health Department
Education & Prevention Santa Barbara 681-5365
Epidemiology & Surveillance 681-5121
HIV Antibody Testing & Appointments Santa Barbara 681-5120
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Aircraft Historical Exemption Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
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Air Monitoring/Quality Levels APCD 961-8800
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City of Lompoc* 736-1261
Santa Barbara City of Santa Barbara* 967-7111
Santa Maria City of Santa Maria* 922-1726
Santa Ynez Santa Ynez Airport Authority* 688-8390
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Air Pollution Control District State Special District* 961-8800
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Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) State of California* 564-7717
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Alcohol, Drug, & Mental Health Services
Administration 681-5220
24-Hour Mental Health Referral Access Team 1(888)868-1649
Alcohol Program
Drinking Driver Program 681-5440
Education & Prevention 681-5444
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Adult Services Teams
Lompoc Mental Health Services 737-6690
Santa Maria Mental Health Services 934-6380
Calle Real Mental Health Services Team 4 681-5450
Calle Real Mental Health Services Teams 2 & 3  681-5190
Franklin Adult Mental Health Services 568-2098
Psychiatric Health Facility 681-5244
CalWorks Resource Support
CalWorks Resource Support - Santa Maria 614-1384
CalWorks Resource Support - Lompoc 735-8620
CalWorks Resource Support - Santa Barbara 882-3778
Children’s Services Teams
Lompoc Mental Health Services Children’s Team 737-6600
Santa Barbara Children’s Services 884-1600
Santa Maria Mental Health Services Children’s Team 934-6385
Mentally Ill Offender Grant Program
Santa Barbara MICRO 681-5323
Santa Maria MICRO 934-6549
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Ambulance Public Health Department 681-5274
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Animal Services Public Health Department
Lompoc Valley Community Shelter 737-7755
Santa Barbara Community Shelter 681-5285
Santa Maria Valley Community Shelter 934-6119
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Annexation LAFCO 568-3391
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Apiary Regulations Agricultural Commissioner 681-5600
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Air Pollution Control District Appeals Clerk of The Board 568-2245
Land Use Appeals Clerk of The Board 568-2248
Property Assessment Appeals Clerk of The Board 568-2240
Welfare Appeals & Hearings Social Services 681-4471
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Archives - Recording 967-3639
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Arts Commission Parks Department 965-9040
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Asbestos Removal Permit APCD 961-8800
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Assessed Preserved Values Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 737-7899
Santa Barbara 568-2550
Santa Maria 346-8315
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Assessors Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
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Association of Governments 568-2546
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Attachments - County Employee Wages Auditor Controller 568-2170
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Decedent Estates Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2485
Delinquent Property Tax Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2920
Levy Property Sheriff’s Civil Bureau
Lompoc Office 737-7710
Santa Barbara Office 568-2900
Santa Maria Office 346-7430
Solvang Office 686-5087
Sheriff’s Property Sheriff 681-5353
Surplus County Property General Services/Purchasing 568-2615
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Auditor-Controller - Reception and Information 568-2100
Accounts Payable 568-2110
Financial Reporting 568-2180
Help Desk 568-2110
Internal Audit 568-2456
Payroll Disbursements 568-2130
Property Tax Allocation 568-2120
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Back-Flow Prevention Public Health Department/Environmental Health
Santa Barbara 681-4900
Santa Maria 346-8460
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Bail Information & Review
Jail Sheriff
Santa Barbara Sheriff/Jail 681-4260
Santa Maria Sheriff/Jail 934-6159
Review Bail
Figueroa Division Superior Court 681-5642
Santa Maria Division Superior Court 934-6140
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Bankruptcy Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2934
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Bee Problems Agricultural Commissioner 681-5600
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Accounts Receivable Public Health Department 681-5180
Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health Services 681-4788
Public Health Department 681-5215
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Birth Certificates
Applications Clerk-Recorder-Assessor
Lompoc 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2250
Santa Maria 346-8370
Birth to 2 Years Public Health Department
Lompoc 737-6456
Santa Barbara 681-5150
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Board of Architectural Review Planning & Development 568-2090
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Board of Supervisors Information Line 568-2190
First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal 568-2186
Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf 568-2191
Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr 568-2192
Fourth District Supervisor Peter Adam 737-7700
Fifth District Supervisor Steve Lavagnino 346-8400
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Boat Valuation & Slips Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
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Bowl, Santa Barbara   962-7411
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Breast Cancer Early Detection Program 681-4783
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Breast Examination  Public Health Department
Carpinteria 684-8681
Lompoc 737-6450
Santa Barbara 681-5488
Santa Maria 346-7230
Solvang 686-5050
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Budget Information/County of Santa Barbara County Administrators Office 568-3400
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Building Maintenance General Services, Facilities
North County 934-6135
South County 681-4703
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Building & Safety Planning & Development 568-3030
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Burials, Indigent Treasurer-Tax Collector
Santa Barbara 568-2485
Santa Maria 346-8337
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Burials, Permits Public Health Department
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Business Assistance Team Planning & Development 568-2090
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Business Licenses Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2933
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Cable TV Franchise Program County Administrator 568-3261
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Cafeteria, Betteravia Government Center Santa Maria 347-9122
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Calendaring Superior Court
Anacapa Division 882-4540
Figueroa Division 882-4632
Lompoc Division 737-5390
Santa Maria Division 614-6680
Solvang Division 686-7499
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California Children Services Public Health Department 681-5360
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Call Boxes, Freeway Association of Governments 961-8912
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CalWIN Social Services
Santa Barbara 681-4487
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CalWORKs Social Services
Lompoc 736-8260
Santa Barbara 681-4401
Santa Maria 614-1374
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Capital Projects General Services/Property Management 568-3070
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Car Seat Program (Child) Public Health Department
Santa Barbara 681-5270
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Casa Floral Counseling & Education Probation 737-7835
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Census Information Association of Governments 961-8900
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Child Abuse Hot Line Social Services 1(800)367-0166
Lompoc Only 737-7078
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Child Abuse Prevention Council Social Services 346-8222
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Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) Public Health Department
Toll-Free Number 1(800)288-8145
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Child Support Services
Santa Barbara 1-866-901-3212
Santa Maria 1-866-901-3212
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Child Welfare Services Social Services  
Child Abuse Reporting Hotline, Countywide 1-800-367-0166
Foster Care Eligibility Unit, Countywide 681-4454
Court Unit, Countywide 737-7065
Licensing Unit, Countywide 346-8368
Assessment & Investigations Unit 737-6031
On-Going CWS/MISC Unit 737-6657
Santa Barbara  
Assessment & Investigations Unit 681-4551
On-Going CWS Unit 681-4551
System of Care 696-8950
Santa Maria  
Assessment & Investigations Unit 346-7127
On-Going CWS/MISC Unit 934-6357
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CHDP Administration 681-5130
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CHDP County Well Child Clinics
Carpinteria 684-8681
Franklin Clinic/Santa Barbara 568-2099
Lompoc 737-6454
Santa Maria 346-8414
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Children & Families Commission County Administrator 568-3376
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Chronic Disease & Aging Programs Public Health Department
Multipurpose Senior Service Program
Santa Barbara 681-5311
Santa Maria 346-8385
Preventative Health Care For Aging (PHCA) 681-5266
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Serving Papers Sheriff
Lompoc Judicial District Office (serves Santa Ynez Valley) 737-7710
Santa Barbara Judicial District Office 568-2900
Santa Maria Judicial District Office 346-7430
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Civil Service Commission Human Resources 568-2810
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Claims Against The County (File) Clerk of The Board 568-2240
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Clerk of The Board of Supervisors 568-2240
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Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
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Clinical Laboratory Public Health Department
Lompoc 737-6488
Santa Barbara 681-5380
Santa Maria 346-8421
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Collections Treasurer-Tax Collector
General Collections 568-2933
Property Tax 568-2920
Real Property 568-2920
Unsecured Personal Property 568-2936
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Commission For Women County Administrators Office 568-3410
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Communicable Disease Control Public Health Department 681-5280
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Communications-Radios, County General Services 681-5577
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Community Health Administration Public Health Department 681-5145
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Air Pollution Outdoors Air Pollution Control District
Santa Barbara 961-8800
Santa Maria 349-0342
Food Problems/Restaurant Sanitation Public Health Department/Environmental Health
Lompoc 737-7767
Santa Barbara 681-4900
Santa Maria 346-7538
Gas Pumps/Stations Weights & Measures 681-5600
Scales Weights & Measures 681-5600
Conditional Use Permits Planning & Development 568-2090
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Conservatorship Case Management Treasurer-Tax Collector 568-2790
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Consumer Law District Attorney
Lompoc 737-7767
Santa Barbara 568-2390
Santa Maria 346-7538
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Cooperative Extension 934-6240
Education & Research 934-6240
Santa Barbara Office 692-1730
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Coroner Sheriff 681-4145
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County Executive Office 568-3400
Affirmative Action/EEO 568-3423
Cable Franchise Program 568-3261
Children & Families Commission   884-8086
Employees' University   692-1740
Housing Finance & Development 568-3520
Human Relations Commission   884-6800
Local Agency Formation Commission 568-3391
Women's Commission 568-3410
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County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor 568-2550
Birth, Death & Marriage Certificate Copies  
Lompoc 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2260
Santa Maria 346-8375
Lompoc 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2220
Santa Maria 346-8374
Fictitious Business Name 568-2265
Marriage License  
Lompoc 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2210
Santa Maria 346-8376
Lompoc 737-7705
Santa Barbara 568-2280
Santa Maria 346-8370
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County Counsel 568-2950
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County Health Clinics Public Health Department
Carpinteria Clinic 684-8681
Franklin Clinic 568-2099
Lompoc Clinic 737-6400
New Cuyama Clinic 1(661)766-2550
Santa Barbara Clinic 681-5488
Santa Maria Clinic 346-7230
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County Property General Services/Property Management 568-3070
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County Vehicles General Services/Vehicle Operations 681-5571
Accident Reports General Services/Risk Management 884-6860
Administration General Services/Administration 681-5575
Vehicle Dispatch General Services/Vehicle Operations
Calle Real Complex Lot, Santa Barbara 681-4331
Santa Barbara Administration Lot 568-2624
Santa Maria Betteravia Lot 346-7737
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Santa Barbara Superior Court
Anacapa Division 882-4520
Figueroa Division (Information) 568-2780
Santa Maria Cook Division 346-7414
Santa Maria Miller Division 346-7590
Lompoc Division 737-7790
  Solvang Division 686-5040
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Credit Union, Santa Barbara County Federal*   682-3357
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Cross Connection Public Health Department/Environmental Health
Santa Barbara 681-4900
Santa Maria 346-8464
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CWS - see Child Welfare Services Social Services  
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Cuyama Road Yard Public Works 1(661)766-2603
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Cuyama Valley Family Resource Center Social Services 661-766-2369
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