Housing and Community Development

 Technical Assistance


Grants Administration Division staff will provide technical advice and guidance to local service providers and affordable housing developers.  This includes development of project concept and financial documents, and assistance to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) with program requirements and expectations.

For questions about or assistance with the HOME Program, please contact Lucy Graham-805-568-3533 lucygraham@sbccsd.org

For questions about or assistance with the CDBG Program or NOFA Applications, please contact Matt Kropke-805-568-3513, mkropke@sbccsd.org 

For questions about the Action Plan or Consolidated Annual Performance Report (CAPER) for the HOME Consortium and CDBG Urban County, project monitoring, or environmental review requirements, please contact Laurie Baker-805-568-3521 lbaker@co.santa-barbara.ca.us  

For general Grants Administration contact information, please visit our Contact Us page.