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Rule Three

301. Classification Plan. 

A classification plan for all positions in the classified service shall be administered by the Personnel Director. The plan shall consist of positions as defined and described in the official class specifications. Class titles so established shall be used in all personnel and financial records, in all communications and in all examination procedures. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the use of working titles

302. Allocation of Positions. 

All positions in the classified service shall be allocated to an appropriate class in the classification plan, by the Board of Supervisors. Classifications shall be based on the principle that positions shall be in the same class when their duties and responsibilities are similar enough to justify the same descriptive title, definition of duties, and employment standards. No person shall be employed in any position until such position has been properly classified and allocated.

303. Class Specifications.

For each class established by the Board of Supervisors, a written specification shall be prepared by the Personnel Director, subject to review by the Administrative Officer. Each specification shall include the official title of the class, description of duties, responsibilities characteristic of positions in the class, and the minimum qualifications required for admission into the examination.

Class specifications shall be interpreted in their entirety in relation to others in the classification plan. They are descriptive and explanatory of characteristic duties and responsibilities of positions in a class and are not restrictive. They shall not be construed as limiting the duties and responsibilities of any positions nor shall they limit or modify the authority of any supervisory personnel or of the Board of Supervisors to assign duties and to direct and control the work of employees in the County service. Standards and qualifications shall not be less than those prescribed by law or by agreement with any other governmental jurisdiction.

304. Changes in the Classification of Positions.

The County Administrative Officer or his designee is responsible for making studies of proposed additional or presently authorized positions when:

a. a written request establishing need for a classification review of an existing position or positions is made by a department head.

b. periodically or when circumstances dictate, the County Administrative Officer identifies the need for a review of an existing position or group of positions.

Department heads shall request a classification study immediately when a significant modification of a position's duties is made on a permanent basis.

305. Status of Incumbents in Reallocated Positions.

When an occupied position is reallocated by the Board of Supervisors the following procedures shall apply:

a. If the position is reallocated to a higher classification, an appointing authority may recommend, and the Personnel Director approve, that a permanent incumbent be granted promotional probationary status in the higher classification without examination if the incumbent meets the minimum qualifications of the higher class. If the incumbent is promoted, the salary shall be adjusted in accordance with Rule 410. If the incumbent is ineligible to promote to or is not selected for the new higher class, he or she shall become subject to layoff. If the incumbent elects to accept a demotion or transfer in lieu of layoff, his or her salary shall be adjusted in accordance with Rule 411 or 412 respectively.

b. If the position is reallocated to a lower classification, because of reclassification or reorganization not associated with lack of work or funds, the salary of the incumbent shall be determined by Rule 414.

c. When an occupied position is abolished, the provisions of these Rules regarding layoffs shall apply.

306. Class Split-Off, Consolidation, or Revision.

A position reallocation is not involved when the duties and salary range of the position are not changed and a class split-off occurs, or classes are consolidated, or a title or the minimum requirements are changed, or when classes are otherwise revised.

Probationary and permanent employees in positions in classes so affected shall retain such status in the split-off, or consolidated or revised class. Such employees shall not be obliged to meet any new or higher entrance requirements established for their class when such classification action occurs.

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