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Rule Eight

801. Request for Certification.

When an appointing authority wishes to fill a vacancy in the classified service, other than by transfer or demotion, the appointing authority shall notify the Personnel Director as far as possible in advance in order to allow sufficient time to establish an appropriate eligible list.

The appointing authority shall request, upon the form prescribed by the Personnel Director, certification of names of eligibles for such position.

The Personnel Director may review the work of the position in question, if necessary, to determine if it is properly classified and rated and shall then certify the appropriate list of eligibles in accordance with the rules governing certification.

802. Certification of Eligibles.

Upon receipt of a request for certification, the Personnel Director shall, as soon as practicable, certify to the appointing authority the names and addresses of those persons entitled to certification in accordance with these Rules and the provisions contained therein.

803. Order of Certification of Lists.  

The Personnel Director shall certify from the appropriate eligible list as follows:

First: Reemployment list. The appropriate number of names of those persons who were laid off from the department from the class of position shall be certified in accordance with Rule Seven.

Second: Departmental promotional list. If no one is available as specified above, the appropriate number of names of those persons on the departmental promotional list for the class of position shall be certified.

Third: County promotional list. If no eligible list is available as specified above, the appropriate number of names of those persons on the County promotional list for the class of position shall be certified.

Fourth: Open eligible list. If no eligible list is available as specified above, the appropriate number of names on the open eligible list for the class of position shall be certified.

Fifth: Free Names. If no reemployment or promotional list is available, the transfer, reinstatement, voluntary demotion, resignation while on a promotional eligible list, and lateral transfer eligible names may be certified. The free names shall not be considered standings when determining the order of standings on an eligible list.

The open eligible list and the free names may be certified together or alternately.

804. Number of Names to be Certified.  

Except as otherwise provided by these Rules, for each request for certification of eligible names, the Personnel Director shall certify the appropriate number of highest standings to supply at least nine more names than the number of vacancies to be filled, provided that the eligible list contains sufficient names to do so. When the score for the last certifiable name is the same as one or more scores following it, all names having that score shall be certified. If there are fewer than ten names available, the appointing authority may elect to appoint from the names available or may disregard them and request a new list. If there are fewer than three names, the appointing authority may request authorization to make a provisional appointment in accordance with Rule Nine.

In the case of Sheriff’s Deputy Trainee, Custody Deputy, Communications Dispatcher I/II, Deputy Probation Officer, Juvenile Institutions Officer, Firefighter Trainee, and Firefighter, the Human Resources Director shall certify all eligible names.  

805. Alternate List.

If a vacancy exists in a class for which there is no eligible list or if the eligible list contains fewer than ten active eligibles, the Personnel Director may prepare an appropriate list for the class from one or more higher existing related list. A list with fewer than ten active eligibles may be considered exhausted, but names from higher or related lists may only be used to supplement the exhausted list.

To establish a higher or related eligible list for use in the absence of a list or as a supplement to an exhausted list for a given class, selection shall be made of lists for classes with minimum qualifications and examinations comparable to or higher than those required for the class in which the vacancy exists and, in that event, only the names of those persons having qualifications required for the vacant position may be certified.

If no reemployment or promotional names are available, an appointing authority may request, with the approval of the Personnel Director, the certification of eligibles from a list established for a higher class to fill a vacancy in a lower class.

A waiver of certification from a related, supplemental, or higher list shall not affect the standing of the eligible on the original list. The acceptance of waiver of a position offer by an eligible certified from such lists shall not affect the standing of the eligible on the original list.

806. Tie Scores.

The names of two or more eligibles having final ratings which are identical shall be grouped on the certification as tie names with equal rank for certification and appointment purposes.

807. Notice of Certification.

When the names of eligibles are certified to an appointing authority, the appointing authority shall contact those eligibles to be interviewed. When contacting an eligible, the appointing authority shall advise the eligible that failure to either report or waive may result in removal of the eligible's name from the eligible list.

808. Special Certification.

When positions require residence in a certain locality, unusual work hours, work at certain locations, or other special qualifications, the Personnel Director may, upon written request by the appointing authority, certify only those eligibles who meet the conditions requested.

The Personnel Director may, upon written request by the appointing authority, certify only those eligibles who have successfully completed an approved on-the-job training program as provided in Rule Seven. The Personnel Director shall notify the Civil Service Commission in writing of certifications limited to eligibles who have successfully completed approved on-the-job training programs.

809. Additional Names.

If eligibles who are certified waive or fail to respond to a notice of certification within the time specified, and this causes fewer than ten names from the ten highest standings to be available to the appointing authority, then the next highest standing or standings may be certified as appropriate.

810. Objection and Substitution.  

In case objection is made by the appointing authority to any of the persons certified, reasons must be stated specifically in writing. Any cause contained in Rule Five shall be deemed sufficient reason for objection, but the Personnel Director may approve objection for other cause. If the objection is sustained by the Director, the next highest standing on the eligible list shall be certified and notice of withdrawal of certification shall be sent by the Personnel Department to the person against whom the objection was sustained, giving the reasons therefor.

811. Return of Certification.

The appointing authority shall return the certification to the Personnel Director, indicating thereon the action taken with regard to each eligible certified, immediately upon selection of a candidate or upon exhaustion of a certification without appointment, and in no event later than thirty days after the date of certification unless otherwise extended by the Personnel Director.

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