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Rule Ten

1001. Promotional Appointment.  

Whenever practicable and in the best interest of the service, a vacancy in the classified service will be filled by promotion. Promotional appointments may only be made from among employees certified from eligible lists in accordance with the rules on certification of names from eligible list, unless otherwise certified by the Personnel Director that a nominee for promotion is eligible for promotional appointment in accordance with Rule Six.

In order to be eligible to participate in an examination on a promotional basis, whether competitive or non-competitive, an employee must have permanent or probationary status in a class of the classified service, and must meet all prescribed standards for the promotional class.

In the event a person who has qualified on a promotional eligible list is separated from a position in the classified service, except by layoff, that name shall be removed from the promotional list.

The effective date of appointment of all promotions shall coincide with the first day of the pay period coinciding with or next following the approval of the promotion.

Promotion from those certain classes which are designated as trainee classes, as provided for in Rule Six, upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed training period, shall not have to be from an eligible list but shall be authorized by the Personnel Director upon recommendation of the appointing authority. The effective date of such promotions shall coincide with the first day of the pay period coinciding with or next following the approval of the promotion.

1002. Reassignment.

An employee may be reassigned at any time to a position in the same class within the same department at the discretion of the department head. An employee so reassigned shall retain the permanent or probationary status held immediately prior to reassignment.

1003. Transfer.

An employee may request a transfer at any time to a position within the same department or to a different department in a class with the same salary allocation and for which the employee possesses the minimum qualifications. Such transfer shall be subject to the approval of the department head and the Personnel Director. Should the transfer be to a different department, the employee must give the present department head two weeks' notice; however, if the department head waives the notice, the employee may be transferred at any time.

1004. Medical Reevaluation.

An appointing authority may require an employee to submit to a medical examination by a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist designated by the appointing authority if the appointing authority has reasonable cause to believe that the employee lacks the capacity to perform the work of his or her present position. Physical condition shall first be evaluated by a licensed physician prior to a referral to a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. Following assessment of physical condition and with reasonable cause, emotional and mental condition may be evaluated by a licensed psychiatrist or by a licensed psychologist who has a doctoral degree in psychology and at least five years of postgraduate experience in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental disorders. The employee may consent to bypass the physical evaluation and accept a direct referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist. When the appointing authority, after considering the conclusions of the medical examination authorized by this section and additional pertinent information including legal and procedural requirements, concludes that the employee is unable to perform the work of the present position, the employee may then be temporarily or permanently reassigned to a suitable position, placed on leave of absence, placed on sick leave, terminated, or put in any other appropriate status which is in accordance with these Rules. If the employee can subsequently qualify medically, the individual may resume the duties of the previous position as provided elsewhere in these Rules. All Federal and State laws and regulations shall be adhered to in the administration of this section.

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