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Rule Fifteen

 1501. Records of Employees.  

A record of all employees in the classified service and their employment histories shall be maintained in the Personnel Department. Such record shall include dates of service, positions held, salaries received, and such other information as may be deemed appropriate.

1502. Reports of Personnel Transactions.

Each appointing authority shall report promptly in writing or on the form prescribed to the Personnel Director all matters which may affect an employee's status or employment.

1503. Evaluation of Employee Performance.

Evaluations of performance shall be on the basis of merit and job-related factors and shall be given without regard to race, religion, sex, age, unrelated handicap, or national origin. Each employee is to be rated by an immediate supervisor or by a superior who has direct knowledge of the employee's job performance. Department heads shall ensure fair and accurate assessments of job performance within their departments.

Evaluations shall be furnished the Personnel Director, the evaluated employee, and the department concerned. Each department head shall provide for at least an annual evaluation of all regular employees in the department; however, special performance evaluation reports may be made at any time by a department head. Appraisals of probationers shall be prepared and submitted as outlined in Rule Nine.

When an employee receives a less than satisfactory overall performance evaluation report, the employee's anniversary date for merit salary increase purposes shall be postponed one calendar month for each calendar month or major fraction thereof in a less than satisfactory status. This period shall commence when the appointing authority signs the less than satisfactory performance rating and end when he or she signs a satisfactory performance evaluation for the employee.

An employee shall have the right to respond in writing to any performance evaluation. Such response shall be brief and to the point and is to be filed with the employee's performance evaluation report.

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