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Rule Sixteen

 1601. Responsibility.

Each department head shall be responsible for the orientation, induction, and job training, and for the continuing development of each employee in the department. The Personnel Director shall cooperate with and assist department heads in carrying out this responsibility and in meeting any special training needs.

1602. Time for Training. Required training to maintain the quality of work of employees serving in their present positions shall be considered County business and may be conducted during or outside of working hours. Training to prepare employees for promotion shall be on the employee's own time unless, because of shortage of staff or other circumstances, it is to the County's interest to use work time.

1603. Training of New Processes.

Whenever the duties of a position are to be changed materially by the introduction of new machines or processes requiring different skills and knowledge, any permanent or probationary employee affected by such change shall be given a reasonable opportunity to learn to perform the new duties and to qualify for status in any new class of position required for such work. An employee who does not qualify for such appointment shall be reassigned to other duties appropriate to the class or shall be laid off in accordance with these Rules.

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