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Rule Seventeen

 1701. Purpose.

The County's policy is to control the practice of outside employment by employees, particularly when a conflict of interest exists or when such employment would impair an employee's effectiveness or ability to perform, County duties.

1702. Prohibiting Conditions.

County employees are prohibited from holding employment outside the County service when one or more of the following conditions exist:

a. The employment interferes with satisfactory service because of time away from the job or causes physical or mental fatigue which impairs regular County service.

b. Such employment is incompatible with the proper discharge of official duties, or would tend to impair the employee's judgement or action in the performance of those duties.

c. A conflict of interest would exist which is prohibited by law or which would be detrimental to the County.

1703. Notification.

A written notification must be given to the department head for all regular outside employment and for all occasional outside employment. Failure to provide such information may be cause for disciplinary action. An outside work statement must contain the name of the employer (or statement of self-employment), the hours worked, the nature and the duration of employment.

1704. Order to Cease Working.

A department head shall disapprove outside employment if the employment is in violation of the provisions of this Rule.

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