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Rule Nineteen

 1901. Amendment of the Rules.

Amendments to these Rules may be proposed at any meeting of the Civil Service Commission but action thereon shall not be taken, except in case of urgency, until a subsequent meeting.

The Commission shall announce public hearing for proposed Rule changes either upon its own initiative or upon request of the Administrative Officer or the Personnel Director. The announcement of any hearing shall be made within seven calendar days after receipt of a request therefor, by posting notice on the door or adjacent hallway or bulletin board of the Commission's meeting room or the County Personnel Department, or by announcement in a meeting of the Commission or on the agenda or summary of proceedings of the Commission. Such public hearings shall commence no earlier than ten calendar days after the public announcement, and no later than thirty calendar days. Following such hearing the Commission shall make its recommendation on the amendments or Rule changes to the Board of Supervisors. All Rules and amendments shall become effective on the day of their approval by the Board of Supervisors, unless otherwise prescribed.

1902. Legality of the Rules.If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, or phrase of these Rules is for any reason found to be inoperative or unconstitutional, void, or invalid, the validity of the remaining portion of these Rules shall not be affected thereby. It is the intention of the Board of Supervisors in adopting these Rules that no portion thereof or provision therein shall become inoperative or fail by reason of the invalidity of other portions, and hereby declares that it would have separately passed and adopted the provisions herein separately and apart from one another.

1903. Interpretation of the Rules.These Rules are to be interpreted according to their express wording, according to the meanings necessarily or fairly implied in or incident to the Rules as expressly stated, and according to the meanings essential to the accomplishment of the declared objects and purposes.

1904. Familiarity and Compliance with the Rules.It shall be the duty of the appointing authority to become familiar with all the provisions of these Civil Service Rules and regulations, and to comply with such provisions.

1905. Conflict of Laws.In the event of any conflict between the provisions of these Rules and Federal, State, or County laws and ordinances, such Federal, State, or County laws and ordinances shall prevail.


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