Human Resources

The County Hiring Process


Names of applicants who are successful in the exam process are placed on an eligible list in order of their final scores. These candidates will be notified by mail of their ratings and relative standings on the list. This notice will also contain the date the candidates' name will expire off the current list.

The ten persons with the highest scores are certified to the department with the vacancy. Usually, the department makes its hiring decision based in part on interviews with any or all of the top ten applicants. If you are invited to a hiring interview but subsequently are not selected for the job, the hiring department will notify you of that fact.

As individuals are hired, your standing on an eligible list may change. If you want to know your relative standing on an eligible list, you will need to send a written inquiry with your full name, Social Security number, and the exact title of the job you applied for, along with self-addressed, stamped envelope; or bring picture identification with you to the Human Resources Department to make your inquiry in person. To protect the confidentiality of applicants, the Human Resources Department will not give out this information over the phone. It is your responsibility to notify the Human Resources Department of any change of address.

If you applied on-line, you can change your e-mail and mailing addresses at by clicking on the “Update Contact Info” button.


If a department offers you a job it will be contingent upon passing a reference check and/or background investigation, and a medical examination. When you start the job you must show proof of your legal right to work in the United States.


If you are appointed to a civil service position, you will serve a probationary period of one year. The probationary period is the final phase of the examination process. This is the time you should decide if this is the right job for you. This is also the time for the department to decide if you are right for the job.