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SECTION 37. Classification Study Procedure

The parties reaffirm that the Human Resources Director retains the sole responsibility and authority for the classification of the various positions in the County service.

It is the intention of the parties that this section be included only to inform employees of established process and procedures to follow when requesting a classification study on their own behalf.

The request for a reclassification study by an employee who believes his position is misclassified must be submitted in writing through his department. Within thirty (30) days, the department will either return the request to the employee or forward it on to the Human Resources Director for his/her consideration. If the department returns the request to the employee, the employee may request that it be submitted to the Human Resources Department for consideration without the endorsement of the department. The Human Resources Department shall provide a written response to the employee’s request in a reasonable period of time.

This section is not in any way modifying Section 418 (salary on temporary assignment out of class) of the rules of the Civil Service Commission. An employee's right to grieve this section shall be limited to allegations that the County has failed to comply with the procedures set forth herein.


SECTION 38. Civil Service Rules

The parties agree to continue discussion regarding modernization of Civil Service Rules, including possible revision of Civil Service Rule 912: appeals of discipline (Reduction, Suspension, Termination) to Binding Arbitration for final resolution, and appeals of discipline (Reduction, Suspension, Termination) to mediation prior to the final step of appeal. Changes shall be contingent upon mutual agreement and, if necessary, Civil Service Rules changes.

Either party may initiate negotiations on proposed Civil Service Rules (new or modified) which directly affect wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment, to the extent such terms and conditions of employment are within the scope of representation. The parties agree that any changes proposed to Civil Service Rule Four “Compensation”, which would diminish unit members’ compensation or salary increases within the salary range would require mutual agreement.

It is agreed that any required negotiations over the proposed rule changes shall be concluded with the Union prior to presentation of proposed rule changes to the Board of Supervisors.


SECTION 39. Employer-Employee Relations Meeting

The County Administrator and the Union’s Executive Director shall meet once per month (as requested), for one hour on issues of mutual interest. The County Administrator and the Union’s Executive Director shall be entitled to one additional participant each. Other participants, if any, shall be subject to the mutual agreement of the parties.


SECTION 40. Labor Management Collaboration

The County and SEIU Local 620 desire to mutually encourage a cooperative, collaborative partnership approach to addressing and resolving workplace issues. Further, it is the goal of the County and the Union to provide an opportunity for labor and management to promote harmonious labor management relations through the productive resolution of issues at the department level.

To accomplish these goals, the County and the Union agree that upon the request of either party the Human Resources Director and Labor Representative(s) will meet to discuss and attempt to resolve issues. The Human Resources Director will involve appropriate departmental personnel as necessary.


SECTION 41. Safety

A. The County recognizes its obligations to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

B. The Union and County agree that it is in the best interest of all to provide a safe and healthy working environment and that this requires a cooperative effort by all concerned.

C. An employee who observes an unsafe condition shall report the matter to his/her supervisor or other designee.

D. Allegations regarding unsafe conditions shall be processed in accordance with the County's Safety Manual.

E. The Director of General Services will work with the Union and other interested labor organizations/employee groups to establish a Safety Advisory Committee. The mission statement, operating procedures and membership of the committee shall be determined on a cooperative basis. Employee representatives will receive paid release time for committee activities occurring during the employee’s work hours.


SECTION 42. Alternative Work Schedules and Job Sharing

A. The County and the Union agree that under some circumstances, alternative work schedules (9/80, 4/10, and/or modified starting or ending times) may be beneficial
to both employees and the County. Accordingly, employees may request to work an alternative work schedule. Such requests shall be subject to approval by County management. County management reserves the right to remove employees from alternative work schedules. To the extent possible, two weeks advance written notice will be provided to the employee. Employees shall not be removed from alternative work schedules for arbitrary or capricious reasons.

No sooner than January 2012, Local 620 may submit alternate workweek proposals for individual departments.  County Employee Relations will arrange meetings with Departments regarding union proposals.  If no agreement is obtained, Local 620 may appeal to the County Executive Officer or designee.

In addition, telecommuting requests by employees that are consistent with the County's Teleworking policy but are rejected by individual departments are also subject to appeal to the County Executive Officer or designee

 B. Individuals interested in job sharing may submit a proposal to their department head for consideration. The department head may approve a job sharing arrangement under such terms and conditions as he/she deems appropriate consistent with this Memorandum of Understanding and applicable Civil Service Rules. If a job share is approved, the arrangement must be in writing and a copy shall be placed in the employees’ personnel file maintained by the Human Resources Department. Participating employees are not guaranteed a right to return to their prior status.

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