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 Benefits & Wellness Division

Employee Benefits for 2019

For more information on the 2019 Employee Benefits available to the County of Santa Barbara employees please click on this link - Employee Benefits Handbook 2019

Benefits Online Administration

New Hires:  to enroll in benefit plans please visit:

User Name: First two characters of your first name and first two characters of your last name, last four of SSN  ex:  amro1234

Password:  Entire date of birth with no spaces  ex: 01091975

Company: COSB  

Current Employees:  to make changes to your plans under eligible qualifying events please visit:

For your convenience we have the following BenXCel training video’s available:

*If you have difficulty playing them in Explorer, you may have to cut and paste in Chrome.

Pharmacy Benefit for Blue Shield EPO Low, EPO High and PPO Plan Members - For the EPO and PPO plans Express Scripts is your Pharmacy Benefit Manager. To contact Express Scripts customer service please call 1-800-711-0917 (TTY:1-800-759-1089) or go to to create a login account. Your Blue Shield Member ID Card will not work at a pharmacy; you have to use your Express Scripts card when obtaining prescription drugs at a pharmacy or for Mail Order prescriptions through Express Scripts

Pharmacy Benefit for Blue Shield HDHP Plan Members - Your Pharmacy Benefit Manager is Blue Shield and not Express Scripts. Whenever you obtain prescription drugs at a pharmacy you need to present your Blue Shield Member ID card, regardless if you have met your annual deductible. For Mail Order Pharmacy you will be using Prime Mail. Please see the documents below on how to use the Prime Mail system:

How Do You Make Changes if you have a Qualifying event mid-year life change?

For the 2019 Plan Year ALL plan changes, dependent addition or deletions, FSA enrollment, address changes and personal information updates can only be completed online using the County's eBenefit’s website, . If you have not yet created a BenXcel User Account, review the Employee Guide to BenXcel and create your login ID. If you have forgotten your user name and or password please contact BenXcel. To view or print a copy of this guide please click on this link - Employee Guide to BenXcel - and follow the instructions in the guide.

If after reading the Employee Guide you still have any questions about how to create your online login ID and password, please call BCC Customer Service at 1-800-685-6100 between 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM PST.