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  Last Updated: April 18, 2019

Open Enrollment Coming October 2019 

How to enroll in BenXcel:  

Make all changes on line at For security purposes employee passwords will be reset for Open Enrollment and will follow the credential format below:

User Name: First two characters of your first name and first two characters of your last name, last four of SSN  ex:  amro1234

Password:  Entire date of birth with no spaces  ex: 01091975

Company: COSB  

Proof of Dependent Eligibility required

If you add any dependents currently not on County benefit plans (spouse, registered domestic partner and/or dependent children) during Open Enrollment, the County of Santa Barbara requires that you verify their eligibility.

Proof of dependent eligibility will require direct submission to SisCo no later than November 16, 2019.  The County has partnered with SisCo, an affiliate of Benefit Coordinators Corporation to assist us in the verification of the dependent spouse and/or children you have requested to be enrolled in the plan(s).  Submission of documents directly to SisCo can be faxed to (563) 587-6721 or mailed (takes 7-10 days) to:  SisCo Benefits 800 Main Street, PO Box 389, Dubuque, IA 52004-0389.  If you have questions contact a SisCo representative at (800) 457-4726 ext 5076. 

*You will find a list of acceptable documentation you can provide to verify that your dependents meet the County’s eligibility requirements by clicking here.

For information about Employee Health Benefits please go to the Health Benefits page.