Human Resources

Santa Barbara County Employee Discount Program

The service and products displayed on this page offer discounts to any County regular employee. Some vendors will offer discounts to our extra help and contractors-on-payroll, please check with the vendor. Some of these same services and products are also offered to the public without this discount. For all discounted items, please contact the vendor for any specific questions or concerns and for all customer service functions.

Free Pharmacy Discount Card - You can print your own Pharmacy Discount Card by visiting . This card is not part of any insurance plan nor is it intended to replace your insurance but can help you save on your prescription costs. If, for example, you have the Blue Shield High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) this card could help you save on some of your out-of-pocket costs. It could also help you with your EPO plan deductible as you might be able to obtain the prescription at a lower cost.

Cell Phone Calling Plans - Do you own a cell phone? To get more details on discounts available please click on the link next to the name of your cell phone service provider.

Disclaimer: Any services or products purchased through these discounts are between our employee and the company offering the discount and as such, any agreements made are the sole responsibility of the individual employee. Santa Barbara County assumes no obligations for these arrangements. While the County has agreed to accept a discount arrangement on behalf of our employees, and that the service or product is provided by a reputable company and also offered to the public, it does not warrant or endorse any goods or services provided by any business participating in the Employee Discount Program. It is your responsibility to carefully check goods and services offered