Human Resources

Classification and Staffing FAQ's

Q: How can I obtain information on a job classification?

A: Start with the Job Classification Salary Table. Each job classification is assigned to a bargaining unit and a salary range. The bargaining unit identifies the Memorandum of Understanding or resolution that sets the salaries and benefits for employees in the job classification. Browse through the Job Descriptions if you want more information about the responsibilities and employment requirements for a job classification.

Q: The salary table identifies a salary range for each job classification. How is the range used?

A: The salary range assigned to a job classification sets the minimum and maximum that a position in the job class can be paid. Each range has five steps (A-E). Employees may be hired at any step in the range. The County’s Civil Service Rules (Rule Three) identify the requirements for moving along the range.

Q: How can I use the information in the Position Allocation section?

A: The Position Allocation section identifies the number of positions by job classification in each of the County’s 23 departments. The information in this section can help you identify the general organization and size of a department. When used in conjunction with the County’s budget information (on the County’s home page), you can gain an understanding of program responsibilities and staffing levels.