Human Resources

Employee On-site Health Clinics 

The County has two on-site health clinics for the exclusive use of regular County employees and their dependents older than 16, (all who have to be on the employee's county health plan), to address immediate health needs and to assist employees in managing chronic medical conditions. The long term goal of the clinic program is to support the wellness of County employees and in so doing, reduce the need for many costly medical services that contribute to our high medical premium costs. With the assistance of Healthstat, our clinic administrator, the clinics can make a significant difference in employee health, intervene in developing medical conditions and avoid the need for costly surgeries.

Examples of clinic services that are offered at no charge include the following:

  • Chronic Disease management
  • Episodic and acute illness management
  • Written Prescriptions
  • Lab Tests
  • Referral to Specialists

 For a more complete list check the List of Clinic Services flyer.

How does the clinic program work?

The process begins with a Health Risk Assessment or HRA. The HRA is a very important part of the new Employee Health Clinic program as it establishes a baseline measure of health and is used to determine if certain risk factors are present like elevated levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Working with the health clinic staff, you can map out strategies for a healthier and longer life! For more information about the Health Risk Appraisal process, see the HRA Details summary.

Where are the clinics located and who are the clinic staff?

Santa Barbara - Phone # (805) 681-4700

Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 4pm

NOTE: Every 2nd Friday of the month NP hours will be 1pm - 4pm, however the clinic will be open from 7:30pm-1pm with a MA for scheduling and performing blood draws.


Public Health Campus

427 Camino del Remedio (in the parking lot just north of the county car kiosk)  


Nurse Practitioner (NP): Sue Wyatt MSN F.N.P

Medical Assistant (MA): Christine Tarango CPT1/CMA 

Santa Maria - Phone # (805) 934-6107

Monday to Thursday: 7:30am - 4pm

Friday: 7:30am - 11am (NP hours); 11am - 4pm with a MA for scheduling and performing blood draws




ADMHS / Animal Services Campus

500 West Foster Road (first County driveway, drive to end of driveway behind ADMHS Children's Services)


Nurse Practitioner (NP): Debbie Hansen, MSN F.N.P

Medical Assistant (MA): Samantha Rice CMA 

For more information about clinic services and wellness information check our Frequently Asked Questions.