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Goleta Beach Park

In preparation for the forecasted significantly strong El Niño storm season, the California Coastal Commission approved an Emergency Permit for the County of Santa Barbara to construct a winter sand berm along approximately 2,400 feet of Goleta Beach. The berm will run from Goleta Beach Pier to the west end of the beach with construction starting the first week of December and being completed by the end of December. The berm will help prevent major flooding and damage to park infrastructure, including sanitary sewer, electrical and water lines, recreational facilities, restaurant, two restrooms, BBQ pits, picnic areas and play structures. At least 3 public access ramps will be installed and clearly marked along the berm to permit ongoing access to the beach. The primary sand source for the berm will be from the existing sand embankment in front of the Goleta Slough. Construction will be monitored by environmental consultants for protection of biological resources.


Reservable Areas: includes $15 non-refundable reservation fee.




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Park Description:
Known for its long fishing pier and sunbathing beaches, these 29 acres are often a destination for bicyclists on the area's paved trail system. Between the lively restaurant and BBQ picnic areas are volleyball, horseshoes and children's playgrounds.


Park Features:
BBQ Grills, Beach Access, Benches or Picnic Tables, Bike Trails, Bird Watching, Boating, Fishing, Group Picnic Areas, Horseshoes, Playground, Restaurant or Snacks, Restrooms, Swimming, art in the park, seasonal lifeguards.


Goleta Pier:
The 1,500-foot pier in Goleta Beach County Park provides boaters, fishermen, and families out for a stroll, an engaging view of the Pacific coast. The Goleta Pier boat launch is available for public use on weekends and holidays. The park's resident ranger must be in attendance to facilitate the launch. To make arrangements call (805) 967-1300 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The launch fee is $15.00 ($9.00 for seniors).


Goleta Beach User Survey:
Goleta Beach Recreational User Survey was performed over five weekend days in March and April of 2015 and randomly polled 494 visitors enjoying Goleta Beach County Park during 40 hours of survey work.  The survey was conducted for the Santa Barbara County Community Services Department, Parks Division, under the auspices of the Santa Barbara County Trails Council. The Parks Division has a long standing history of providing outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities at Goleta Beach County Park.  For information about the use of Goleta Beach Park check out the following video:

Goleta Beach Project: 

The Goleta Beach Project is currently scheduled for a hearing on May 13,2015 before the California Coastal Commission on the Coastal Development Permit application. The following press release was issued today.  Public comments can be submitted in writing to or by mail to the Coastal Commission District Office at 89 S. California Street, Ventura, CA 93001.  For the direct link to the CCC staff report: 

In October 2011, the County Community Services Department submitted applications to the County Planning and Development Department (P&D) for a Development Plan and Coastal Development Permit for a project aimed at protecting Goleta Beach County Park from erosion and storm damage.  The County park provides valuable coastal-dependent and coastal-related recreation to over 1.5 million visitors annually. The proposed project serves to protect facilities at the heavily used park by permanently retaining approximately 1,200 linear feet of existing buried rock revetments. Retention of the existing revetments is based on the insignificant adverse impacts to coastal processes at Goleta Beach County Park and down-coast beaches in the foreseeable future as noted in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) completed in 2014, and the beneficial impacts that retention of the revetment would have on continued public use of the beach and upland park facilities. No additional physical alterations would occur at Goleta Beach as part of this project, and no additional shoreline protection would be installed. For information on the status of the project, please check the following link:

Fun Fact!

In 1949, the Federal Government granted Goleta Beach Park to Santa Barbara County. In 1953, the County granted the Park to the State of California. The State granted it back to the County in 1970.



From Hwy 217 leading to the Santa Barbara Airport and UCSB, exit at Sandspit road. Or from Hollister Avenue, take Fairview Avenue to Sandspit Road. Bike paths lead to the park, and city buses stop here.


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8:00 AM to Sunset


Online Reservations: 

Goleta Beach Park - Area A

Goleta Beach Area A

Capacity: 210

Fee: $215.00

Bouncer Allowed: No

Amenities: Electricity; water; full; 45 yds. from restrooms; 140 yds. from playground.

Goleta Beach Park - Area B

Capacity: 50

Fee: $90.00

Bouncer Allowed: No

Amenities: Electricity; water; 80 yds. from restrooms; 100 yds. from playground.


Goleta Beach Park - Area C

Capacity: 25

Fee: $65.00

Bouncer Allowed: No

Amenities: Partial shade; 100 yds. from restrooms; 45 yds. from playground.


Goleta Beach Park - Area D

Capacity: 75

Fee: $115.00

Bouncer Allowed: No

Amenities: Water; 25 yds. from restrooms; 15 yds. from playground.