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Goleta Beach 2.0
Concept Planning Process

Santa Barbara County’s Board of Supervisors established a new conceptual planning process for Goleta Beach County Park at a public hearing held on October 6, 2009. This process -- dubbed Goleta Beach 2.0 -- will take a fresh look at our most heavily used county park, visited by over 1.5 million people every year.

Goleta Beach Pier at Sunset

Goleta Beach 2.0 was established because on July 8, 2009 the California Coastal Commission voted 9-1 to deny the county’s proposal for a permeable pile pier addition to Goleta Pier and other measures designed to ameliorate ongoing beach erosion at the park. During the July public hearing, several Coastal Commissioners encouraged Santa Barbara County to examine potential managed retreat options for the park.

During the coming months through approximately May 2010, Goleta Beach 2.0 will take up that suggestion -- examining alternative park configurations and outlining their potential recreational, environmental, and fiscal impacts. An extensive field survey of existing conditions (including subsurface utilities) began in September. These field data will provide the basis for a detailed Geographic Information System (GIS) computer mapping of the entire 29-acre park. GIS mapping will make it much easier to look at possible reconfiguration of some park elements.

Goleta Beach 2.0 also envisions a series of public meetings and hearings in the first months of 2010: a Town Hall informational session in January, followed by hearings before the Park Commission and Planning Commission. It is anticipated that later in Spring 2010 the Board of Supervisors will review future options for the park that are identified through the Goleta Beach 2.0 concept planning analysis and public input. In the meantime, the Board has established an ad hoc committee consisting of Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf and Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr that will meet occasionally and keep the full Board informed.

Goleta Beach Aerial

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