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    Safe Clean Up of Ash

    If your home was impacted by the Thomas fire, here are some health precautions to take after you return home and before you begin the clean-up process. [ Press Release ] [ Español ]

    Air Quality Warning Still in Effect
    Continue to take precautions [ Press Release ] [ Español ]
    Free N-95 Masks Distribution for Tuesday, December 12
    [ Press Release ] [ Español ]
    Air Quality Warning Remains in Effect Through Weekend

    The air quality index continues to show unhealthy air quality in Santa Barbara County. Smoke and ash from the Thomas Fire may continue to affect local air quality for days. Levels of smoke and particles, and areas of the county affected, will vary and conditions could change quickly. [ Press Release ]

    Public Health Advisory: Children's Health and Smoke
    The N95 masks being distributed in Santa Barbara County are designed for adults. However, these masks may fit a child if their face is comparable in size to that of a petite adult. The key to knowing if an N95 mask fits effectively is whether an airtight seal can be created around the edges of the mask once it is on the face and pressed into place across the nose. [ Press Release ]
    Response To Thomas Fire… Partnership Makes It Possible

    Just as there is a Unified Command for firefighting on the front lines of the Thomas Fire, there are partnerships behind the scenes that make all of the information regarding air quality, distribution of masks for residents, announced evacuations, sheltering for people and animals, etc. flowing smoothly. [ Press Release ]

    Instructions for use of N95 Mask

    [Instructions for use of N 95 mask- English & Español ]

    What Are The Air Quality Index Levels And What Do They Mean To Your Health?

    Santa Barbara's air monitoring station has recorded "hazardous" levels, the Goleta station has recorded "very unhealthy" levels and the Lompoc station has recorded "unhealthy" levels. With the Thomas Fire continuing to burn it is anticipated the county will have continued concerns about air quality over the course of the next week throughout the county. [ Press Release

    Unhealthy Air Quality Continues in Santa Barbara County – Take Precautions

    The air quality index shows unhealthy air quality in Santa Barbara County and air quality  continues to worsen. Santa Barbara air monitoring station has recorded "hazardous" levels, the Goleta station has recorded "very unhealthy" levels and the Lompoc station has recorded  "unhealthy" levels. [ Press Release ] [ Spanish ]

    Unhealthy Air Quality in Santa Barbara County

    Air quality warning continues until conditions improve. [ Press Release ]

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