Public Health Department (PHD)


Provider Alerts by Topic (2005 - Present)

New- 12-20-16- In order to make the process of transporting patients for medical care efficient and safe, please provide this education to all facility staff who are responsible for patient care and initiating the transport process. [ Provider Alert ]


Attention- This Provider Alert provides important information about new changes to the list of Mandatory Reportable Diseases and Conditions. [ Provider Alert ]




2007-08-06 Botulism Alert

2006-06-15 Wound Botulism Health Alert






2013-10-09 Provider Portal Mandatory Reporting Notice



Cardiac Programs



2015-09-25 Provider Alert Cardiac Programs







2012-07-24 Coxsackie Virus Provider Alert  

Coxsackie Virus Photo Library  

Coxsackie Lab Requisition Form  

Coxsackie Case Report (Hospitalized)  

Coxsackie Case Report (Outpatient)  




2016-1-20 Changes to Ebola Screening Provider Alert

2014-10-2 Ebola Provider Alert update

2014-08-11 Ebola Provider Alert







2014-10-06 Enterovirus D68 Provider Alert




2015-04-14 Hepatitic C Investigation Provider Alert


2011-06-20 Perintal Hepatitis B Reporting







2014-06-25 Routine HIV Testing Recommendations




 H1N1 (Swine) Flu



2010-04-06 H1N1 Summary Provider Alert

2010-01-25 H1N1 Change in Advice Provider Alert

2009-12-10 Vaccine Provider Alert

2009-12-02 Status of Pandemic

2009-11-10 H1N1 Vaccine Changes

2009-11-03 Vaccine and Death Certificates

2009-10-26 Second Release of H1N1 Vaccine

2009-10-22 CDC Health Advisory

2009-10-14 Reporting Novel H1N1 COD  

2009-10-12 Revised DX and TX

2009-10-01 Initial Release of H1N1 LAIV Vaccine

2009-08-31 Vaccine Registration

2009-08-31 Cal Pan Flu Flyer

2009-08-05 H1N1 Provider Update

2009-10-15 Oseltamivir Compounding Alert

2009-07-16 H1N1 Flu and Preparation at SBC PHD

2009-05-21 Provider Health Alert 11

2009-05-06 Provider Health Alert 7

2009-05-04 Provider Health Alert 6 

2009-05-01 Provider Health Alert 5

2009-05-01 Provider Health Alert 4

2009-04-29 Swine Flu Provider Update

2009-04-27 Swine Flu Update

2009-04-24 Swine Flu Health Alert







2010 Provider Influenza Bulletins

2009 Provider Influenza Bulletins

2008 Provider Influenza Bulletins

2007 Provider Influenza Bulletins

2006 Provider Influenza Bulletins

2005 Provider Influenza Bulletins   




2017-01-18 Measles Testing Guidance for Medical Providers and Lab Instructions

2015-02-25 Measles Update and Decision Flow Chart

2015-01-22 Measles Associated with Disneyland - Update

2015-01-08 Measles Provider Alert

2014-04-07 Measles Provider Alert

2011-05-20 Measles Epi Newsletter







2005-10-04 CD Menactra GBS Release Information






2014-01-17 Welcome Dr. Fitzbiggons & UCSB Meningococcal Update

 2010-09-02 Provider Alert - Meningitis

2007-03-15 Lompoc Provider Meningococcal Information  







 2008-02-21 MRSA Provider Alert






 2006-04-24 CD Mumps Provider Advisory 






2010-07 Norovirus Newletter






2015-1-13 Infant Death from Pertussis

2014-7-01 Pertussis Epidemic Declared Provider Alert

2013-6-18 Pertussis Provider Alert

2010-08-26 Pertussis Epidemic Provider Alert

2010-07-14 Pertussis Provider Alert

2010-06-21 Pertussis Epidemic Provider Alert

2010-05 Pertussis Newsletter

2009-06-26 Pertussis Provider Alert 

2005-09-13 CD Pertussis Alert

2005-09-13 CD Pertussis Quicksheet







2010-03-26 Rabies PEP Provider Alert

2008-06-19 Rabies Provider Alert 







2010-03-22 Rotarix Provider Alert









2006-09-14 CD Salmonella Health Alert 




 Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD)




2011-03 STD Treatment Guidelines

2007-03-13 CD 2007 STD Treatment Guidelines









2014-05-08 Syphilis Rates








2014-01-17 Tuberculosis Outbreak in North County

2013-07-01 INH Shortage

2013 INH Shortage

2010-03-18 CTCA Provider Invitation

2009-04-06 MTD 2009 CDC Guidelines




 West Nile Virus (WNV) 




WNV Health Advisory 5-12-11

WNV Provider Update 8-22-07

WNV Provider Update 8-24-06

WNV Provider Update 6-16-05

WNV Provider Update 7-14-05

WNV Provider Update 8-29-05







Updated Guidance on Zika Virus (May 26, 2016)


Disease Control - Email: - Please do not report communicable diseases or outbreaks via email.  To report communicable diseases or outbreaks, please submit a CMR to Disease Control by FAX (805) 681-4069 or call our 24/7 telephone at (805) 681-5280.