Public Health Department (PHD)

Electronic Patient Care (ePCR) Information 

The Santa Barbara County EMS Agency has partnered with ImageTrend to implement a upgraded electronic patient care report at the field level called Elite.  



*****Going live at beginning of shift on 12/13/2016*****      

Educational Tools


Field User Guide/Workbook Elite Field user guide and training manual
Hospital User Guide      The guide introduces the Incident Viewer to Hospital users in order to review and retrieve PCRs for their hospital patients.
Elite User Training PowerPoint The PowerPoint reviews the overall ImageTrend Elite system in place for Santa Barbara County EMS and introduces the upgraded system to new users.





533 BLS and ALS Treatment Policy  
533 BLS and ALS Treatment Protocols Effective: 09/01/2014
ePCR Security Registration Form When requesting additional permissions from the System Administrator, fill out and return this form to
ePCR Issue Tracking Form Formal request to review ePCR for procedural/technological errors      
ePCR Deletion Form Service Administrators use form to formally request deletion of duplicate ePCRs and submit to EMS


Help Desk


Contact your Service Administrator for technical assistance.





Email address

AMR Dave Schierman
Carpinteria Fire  Johann Nilsson & Grace Donnelly &
Guadalupe Fire Fernando Garcia
Lompoc City Fire  Mark Clayton
Montecito Fire   Travis Ederer & Jackie Jenkins &
Santa Barbara City Fire Chris Mailes & Carol Lupo &
Santa Barbara County Fire Jay Snodgrass, Jean Aasted & Martin Johnson, &
Santa Maria Fire Leonard Champion
EMS ePCR System Administrators Matthew Higgs, Michelle Wehmer & Ebbie Ganji



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