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Temporary Food Facility (TFF)

Environmental Health Service's Food Safety Program helps to protect the public from food borne illnesses. It is our mission to keep food facility operators aware of, and in compliance with, the minimum standards established by the California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law, which regulates the sale and distrib- ution of food to the public.

Throughout the year many communities have small gatherings or fairs to celebrate a specific event or theme.  Other times a community event is for a single purpose.  At most of these events, food is offered for sale.

California law requires the organizer of any event where food is available to obtain a permit from Environmental Health.  Additionally, all vendors (both for-profit and non-profit) authorized to be at the event must have a Health Permit issued from Environmental Health.

Following the Temporary Food Facility (TFF) Guidelines (see Resources) will assist food facility Organizers and Operators in providing safe food to the public by meeting the minimum standards of the State Health Code.


The person, or Organizer, responsible for the event must complete the Event Organizer Application and is responsible for organizing all participating temporary food facilities. Each temporary food facility must complete the Temporary Food Facility (Booth) Application. The Organizer's Forms and Temporary Booth Forms must be submitted to Environmental Health Services at least two weeks prior to the date community event is scheduled to commence.



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  • Craven Request Letter Template - South County






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