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 The Santa Barbara County Immunization Project's goal is to assure appropriate, on time immunizations for infants, children, adolescents and adults in the county. Outreach and education programs are complemented by population based assessments to measure vaccine coverage. The project acts as a resource to provide accurate and timely immunization information to private and public health care providers, to schools and child care centers, and to the general public.


We have record or near record low levels of vaccine preventable childhood diseases in the United States, but that does not mean these have disappeared. Many of the viruses and bacteria are still circulating in this country or are only a plane ride away. That's why it's important that children, especially infants and young children, receive recommended immunizations on time. In our mobile society, over a million people each day travel to and from other countries, including countries where many vaccine preventable diseases remain relatively common. Without vaccines, epidemics of many preventable diseases could return, resulting in increased and unnecessary illness, disability, and death among children.




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Seasonal Flu Information

Where can I get vaccinated? 

¿Dónde puedo recibir la vacuna? 

Centers for Disease Control - Seasonal Flu

California Department of Public Health - Flu and Respiratory Disease Prevention





Pertussis (whooping cough)



Make sure that you have been vaccinated against whooping cough.  Booster doses are needed throughout life, because protection against whooping cough after vaccination or disease wanes over time.

  • Pregnant Women are recommended to receive Tdap (whooping cough booster) during their third trimester of each pregnancy, even if they got it before pregnancy. The protection
    that expectant moms receives from Tdap also passes to their baby in the womb. This helps protect babies during the most vulnerable period, until they are old enough to get their 
  • first whooping cough vaccination at 6--8 weeks of age
  • Infants can start the childhood whooping cough vaccine series, DTaP, as early as 6 weeks of age. Even one dose of DTaP may offer some protection against fatal whooping cough
    disease in infants. Young children need five doses of DTaP by kindergarten (ages 4-6).  Students in 7th grade in California need to have met the requirement for a
    Tdap booster
    - see
  • Adults are also recommended to receive a Tdap booster, especially if they are in contact with infants or are health care workers, but most adults have not yet received Tdap.
  • Whooping cough vaccination recommendations of the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) are


For the latest information on whooping cough in the state of California, visit the CDPH Pertussis Summary Reports page.   


For the latest information on whooping cough in Santa Barbara County, visit the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department Epidemiology page


Additional information is available on our Pertussis Resource Kit.



Santa Barbara County Child Care and Kindergarten Personal Belief Exemption Rates  



Annual child care and kindergarten assessments are conducted each fall to monitor compliance with the California School Immunization Law. Results from this assessment are used to measure immunization coverage among children entering licensed child care facilities and kindergartens.  The maps below were created to show the location of every licensed child care facility and kindergarten in California with 10 or more students. Each school is color coded according to the percentage of enrolled students in 2013-14 lacking immunizations due to Personal Belief Exemptions (PBEs).


State-wide Rates:




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