Public Health Department (PHD)


WIC Authorized Farmers Markets for Summer Vouchers



       800 Block of Linden Ave*

       Thursdays          3:00pm-6:30pm March 9th to November 2nd

                               3:00pm -6:00pm November 3rd to March 8th 


Santa Barbara

       Downtown Santa Barbara-Corner of Santa Barbara and Cota St*

       Saturdays         8:30am-1pm


       Old Town Santa Barbara-500-600 Block of State St*

       Tuesdays          4:00pm-7:30pm March 9th to November 2nd

                              3:00pm - 7:30pm November 3rd to March 8th



        Ocean and I St

        Friday             2:00pm-6:00pm



        Coast Village*

        Friday             8:00am-11:15am


Santa Maria

        Broadway and Main (Mervyn's Parking Lot)

        Wednesday     12:00pm-4:00pm



       Corner of Bradley and Clark

       Tuesday          10:00am-1:00pm



       Copenhagen Dr and 1st*

       Wednesday     2:30pm-6:30pm March 9th to November 2nd

                             2:30pm-6:00pm November 3rd to March 8th


Vandenberg Village

       120 Burton Mesa Blvd

        Sunday       10:00am-2:00pm



       1645 Trilogy Pkwy

       Sunday         11:30am-2:30pm



* Represent Farmer's Markets who accept WIC Vouchers Year Round



Nutrition Services

(877) 275-8805