Public Health Department (PHD)

The Benefits and Referral Center (BRC) was formed in January 2014 to provide support to a variety of indigent care programs for the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and assist Santa Barbara residents who are uninsured and who are not eligible for other healthcare coverage.



The BRC will assist and/or submit an application for the new Medi-Cal program or Covered California. Individuals do not have to be a Public Health patient and all assistance is provided free of charge. For an appointment call 805-681-5393.



Through referral and case management, the BRC facilitates access to medically appropriate and necessary services that are not available in Santa Barbara County Health Care Centers.


In addition, the BRC provides support to our patients who utilize the Patient Portal. 


BRC staff also process claims submitted by healthcare providers for services provided outside of the Health Care Centers. This includes the Indigent Care Program (ICP), the Tobacco Settlement Program (TS) and other funds as approved by the leadership of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

For information on how to make referrals and/or submit claims, please see: BRC Provider Referral and Claims Information.


For more information contact:

Benefits and Referral Center
300 N. San Antonio Road
Room B 100
Santa Barbara, CA 93110


Health coverage enrollment questions,
Patient Portal and Claim Status:

(805) 681-5393


Telephone:   (805) 681-5390
Fax:   (805) 681-5424
Patient Portal and Claim Status:  (805) 681-5393


Benefits and Referral Center - 300 N San Antonio Rd,  Room B100, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Telephone: (805) 681-5393 * FAX: (805) 681-5424