Public Health Department (PHD)

Health Center Board 


 The Health Center Board (HCB)  has the following authorities and responsibilities:

  • Adherence to County fiscal and labor policies, and County ordinances;
  • Participation in the selection, annual review and continued leadership of the Deputy Director of FQHC clinics'
  • Adoption of a quality of care audit procedure, identification and consultation about the services to be delivered and the hours of clinic operation;
  • Review and approval of FQHC financial priorities and approval of the clinic budget within appropriations made available by the Board of Supervisors;
  • Adoption of policies necessary and proper for the efficient and effective operation of the FQHC clinics;
  • Periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of the FQHC clinics in making services accessible to County residents; and
  • Development and implementation of a procedure for hearing and resolving patient grievances.

All meetings of the HCB, are called, publicly noticed, held, and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act (commencing with Section 5490 of the California Government Code).


According to federal regulations, HCB members are comprised of both clinic users (consumers) and community members.  Potential members must complete an application which demonstrates that they meet the qualifications outlined in federal guidelines. 


Community members must possess training, skills, and expertise in the provision of outpatient medical services to the underserved.  Specific areas of expertise may include: business, health administration, finance, community affairs, education, housing and shelter services, insurance, marketing, public relations, and other health and social service organizations and providers.


Consumers must comprise at least 51% of the HCB and be representative of the clinic user population of the County’s FQHCs in terms of ethnicity, location of residence, race, gender, age and economic status. The consumer representation will provide feedback on service improvements to meet consumer needs.  The consumer presence provides a unique perspective which is often missing in large health care delivery systems. No more than 50% of the consumers may derive more than 10% of their annual income from the health care industry.


The Health Center Board members are as follows:


Skip Szymanski, Marina Owen, Sylvia Bernard, Judy Taggart, Yalila "Lee" Gonzales, Lee Herrington, Celia Lee, Paul Osbourne, Sande Campbell, Filipo Chapelle and Angela Gonzalez. 








Health Care Centers (HCC) Main Office Lines

Carpinteria HCC (805) 560-1050   -   Franklin HCC/Casa Esperanza/Rescue Mission (805) 568-2099    

Lompoc HCC (805) 737-6400

Santa Barbara HCC (805) 681-5488   -   Santa Maria HCC/Good Samaritan (805) 346-7230