Public Health Department (PHD)
Claims for TS Funds  



TS funds are available for the following:
  • Professional services authorized by the Benefits and Referral Center. 
  • Patients must obtain charity care or make self-pay arrangements for facility fees. 


  1. Claims may only be submitted on patients who meet the following criteria:
      a) uninsured and ineligible for any publicly funded program and
      b) gross monthly income below 100% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

  2. Each claim must:
  • Have a referral number from a TS Authorization.
  • Be submitted within 90 days of the date of service.

Claim Payments:
  • Claims are paid on a monthly basis.

Benefits and Referral Center - 300 N San Antonio Rd,  Room B100, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Telephone: (805) 681-5393 * FAX: (805) 681-5424