Public Health Department (PHD)


SART is a countywide program providing care to individuals who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused. An interagency program, SART coordinates with law enforcement, Rape Crisis Centers, Victim Witness Assistance, Child Welfare Services, Child Abuse Listening and Mediation (CALM) and a medical team of trained professionals, nurses, and physicians. This team approach assures that individuals receive care in the most positive therapeutic environment possible. Services offered through SART include forensic medical exams, forensic interviews, emotional support, advocacy, counseling referrals, prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and other support services for the individual and his / her family.


Medical–legal examinations are provided through the Public Health Department by professional staff who have received specific training in forensic examination of patients who have been sexually assaulted/abused.  All exams are conducted in accordance with the guidelines and protocol set by the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA).


Referrals for medical-legal examinations and forensic interviews come from law enforcement, child welfare services, or the local Rape Crisis agency. Together, the partners determine the need for a medical-legal exam and/or an interview based on SART protocol.


The first steps to take in assisting individuals who may have been sexual assaulted/abused are to call the appropriate law enforcement agency (based on the jurisdiction of the crime), and to call a Rape Crisis Center to provide support.  A variety of services and support will be provided based on individual circumstances.  Local Rape Crisis Centers can assist English and Spanish-speaking individuals ages 13 years and older. Contact the 24 –hour hotline in your area for assistance:


Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center: 

SANTA BARBARA HOTLINE:  (805) 564-3696

Santa Barbara Office:  (805) 963-6832


Lompoc Rape Crisis Center:

LOMPOC HOTLINE:  (805)736-7273

Lompoc Office:  (805)736-8535


Santa Maria Rape Crisis Center:

SANTA MARIA HOTLINE:  (805)928-3554

Santa Maria Office:  (805)922-2994

North County Rape Crisis Center:


For more information about the SART Program, call the SART Coordinator at 805-682-0702.

Additional information can be found here:  District Attorney, Victim/Witness- Sexual Assault Response Team


SART- 300 San Antonio Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110 * Telephone: (805) 682-0702