Public Works Mutual Aid Program 

PW Mutual Aid Truck

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Mutual Aid Agreement Flyer

Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement

Public Works Mutual Aid Procedure Guide

New FEMA Rules, Info to Maximize Recovery Dollars

FEMA & Mutual Aid, Nov. 2007

County and Cities Agreements




County of Santa Barbara

Scott McGolpin

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(805) 568-3010

Tom Fayram

Email image
(805) 568-3436

Dave Rickard

Email image
(805) 739-8761
City of Carpinteria

Dave Durfinger or designee

  (805) 684-5405 ext. 402
City of Santa Barbara

Christine Andersen

  (805) 564-5366 or (805) 448-7065

Pat Kelly

  (805) 897-2674 or (805) 963-4286
City of Goleta

Steve Wagner

  (805) 961-7500

Robert Morgenstern

  (805) 968-6769
City of Solvang
Tully Clifford
  (805) 688-5575 ext. 222

Brad Vidro

City of Buellton
Bill Albrecht
  (805) 686-7424

Steve Thompson

City of Lompoc

Larry Bean

  (805) 875-8230
City of Santa Maria

Dave Whitehead

  (805) 925-0951 ext. 221
City of Guadalupe

Carolyn Galloway-Cooper or designee

  (805) 343-1340



County of Santa Barbara Public Works

City of Goleta

Cost of Equipment and Personnel

  • Equipment rates may or may not include the operator. The rates that apply will be fixed annually each fiscal year. If more information is required, please see the “contacts” list in this Web Page. GAS comes with County equipment and is part of the overall equipment rates Gas rates for City Equipment will vary per member, pending on Gas prices at that time.


Presentations & Update Information


Current Emergencies by Fiscal Year





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Public Works Disaster Recovery

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