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Providing a clear path, smooth ride, and a safe trip to the travelling public.

We maintain over 1,668 lane miles of major roads and local streets in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County.
 This includes over 112 bridges, 15,000 street trees, 48 signalized intersections and 20,000 street signs as well as pavement markings, painted curbs, raised traffic markers, and drainage facilities.

 Our primary mission is to maintain a safe travel path for the public. Graffiti abatement and aesthetic enhancements activities are performed as practicable.  If you have any questions please contact Santa Barbara Road Yard at the phone number below.

Main Office:Map Icon
123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel (805) 568-3000 Fax (805) 568-3019
Office hours: 8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 5:00pm Monday - Friday

Santa Barbara Road Yard:Map Icon
4415 Cathedral Oaks Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Tel (805) 681-5678 Fax (805) 681-5679

Lompoc Road Yard:Map Icon
Sweeney Rd. & Hwy. 246, Lompoc, CA
Tel (805) 737-7773 Fax (805) 737-7847

Santa Maria Road Yard:Map Icon
912 W. Foster Rd.,Santa Maria, CA 93455
Tel (805) 934-6100 Fax (805) 934-6214

Public Works Service Center
Santa Maria Design & Construction Office:
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620 W Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455
Tel (805) 739-8750 Fax (805) 739-8773


DIR Requirements from California Senate Bill 854

Gibraltar Road Repaving Project: 6.5 miles

County Wide Preventative Maintenance: Scrub Seal and Micro-Surfacing
April 13 through June 2015

 Micro-Surfacing Notice of Street Maintenance for Las Canoas

Public Works Transportation wins award for Project





County of Santa Barbara

This was a pilot project by the County of Santa Barbara to improve 1.2 miles of Hollister Avenue using environmentally friendly construction methods. The asphalt recycling project included removing the top 1.5 inches of asphalt and recycling 3 inches of the remaining asphalt using the Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) strategy. The county employed this technique to save money by reusing the existing aggregate, avoiding having to truck in virgin gravel from 40 miles away. To expedite opening the road to through traffic, a thin layer of oil and sand was placed on the CIR pavement layer, aiding in drying the asphalt to accelerate curing time and acting as a buffer under wheels. Workers placed 1.5-inch hot mix overlay on the CIR that was striped to include a bike lane. Recycling and reusing the existing pavement layer did away with the need for purchasing and transporting fresh aggregate.

























 Speed Limits

Engineering & Traffic Surveys and 7-year Evaluations

Goleta Beach Bridge 



Goleta Beach Bridge




For County Projects No. 862361 and 862362

Construction of new roadway bridges at Refugio Road Low Water Crossings No. 1 and 2

(Refugio Road MP 0.30 and MP 1.80)

Proposals are due before 5pm on Friday November 14, 2014.  For more information contact

Constantino Garcia, PE or (805) 739-8797, or

Click here for LINK to FTP site with the RFP

 Point SAL Image
Point Sal Access

Vandenberg Air Force Base has set up a new convenient web page to alert pedestrian traffic to Point Sal on whether or not the access is open.
Click here to get the trail status.

101 improve image
The Highway 101 Operational Improvements between Milpas Street and Hot Springs Road/Cabrillo Boulevard mark one of the largest projects undertaken by Caltrans in Santa Barbara County.

The project construction costs are approximately $57 million and include the reconstruction of two major interchanges, six new or improved bridges, freeway widening, and improvements to local streets and circulation. Construction is slated to begin in the summer of 2008 and will take 4 years; each construction stage is approximately 1 year in length. Visit for more information on this project.

The Hwy 101 Improvements between Milpas and Hot Springs are funded by Measure D and state highway funds. Measure D was passed by the voters of Santa Barbara County in November of 1989 to improve transportation infrastructure in the county. Measure D is a one-half cent sales tax that is collected from 1990 to 2010 to fund transportation projects and programs.
For more information on current efforts to renew Measure D please visit:

Caltrans Live Traffic Camera
State Highway 101 at Patterson Ave
Live traffic videos require the free Windows Media plug-in.

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