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The purpose of the Utility Undergrounding Program is to fund the underground relocation of existing above ground utility lines. The program is funded through a revenue set-aside by the electric power utilities (Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison), as required by state regulation. Projects that qualify generally involve major roadways that have significant traffic volumes, that are usually in commercial areas, and that have scenic value. The electrical company, in conjunction with a County-appointed Utility Undergrounding Program Committee, acts on requests (generally from utility companies) to place utility lines underground by determining projects that qualify and recommending to the County Board of Supervisors those projects that should be approved through the establishment of an undergrounding district.. The Committee is comprised of members from the County Public Works and Planning and Development Departments and other affected utility companies. Approximately $200,000 is set aside each year for projects in the County unincorporated areas.

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Last updated: January 7, 2016

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