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Foothill Open Space Planting Day February 12th from 9 a.m. - Noon

The planting days for 2011 have been scheduled! Mark your calendars!

February 12
March 12
April 9
May 14

As always, a delicious array of snacks, treats, and drinks (carefully selected by Joddi) will be provided to nourish you after the planting. Thanks to the office of Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf for these goodies.

Please pass this flyer along to your neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc.  If you think you can join us please RSVP to Joddi via e-mail or a phone call (805) 882-3614.

Rain is always a possibility and the road onto the Open Space can become impassable, so please check in with Joddi a couple of days before the event.

As always if you have any questions or need directions please feel free to contact Joddi via email or (805) 882-3614.

Success at the Foothill Open Space Planting Day May 30th 2009

The planting day on Saturday, May 30th was a big success.

Fortistar Methane Group (which partners with the County on Tajiguas Landfill Green Energy Project) sponsored this planting day.  

Sponsorship from companies like Fortistar will allow us to continue and potentially expand our restoration efforts.

The event was a big success with over 300 plants being planted in just about three hours. Thank you to the volunteers who shared their time with us at the event.

Please take a look at the pictures from the May 30th event.

Area Before

Area After Being Cleared

Let the Planting

Planting Near the Drip Irrigationundefined

 In undefined

Carefully Planting Seedlingsundefined

Everyone Helps to Plant a Treeundefined

The Area After the Planting

The Friends of Foothillundefined


Restoration Activities to Expand at Foothill Open Space Site

Foothill Planting Volunteers
Foothill Planting Volunteers

Ceanothus at Foothill Open Space
Ceanothus at Foothill

 Area to
be Restored
Flagged Area for Restoration at Foothill

Baby Oak Tree
at Foothill

Another Foothill Planting Volunteer
Foothill Volunteer Sitting

Foothill Volunteers
Hard at Work
Foothill Volunteers Hard at Work in Flagged Area.

The Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division (RRWMD) of the Santa Barbara County Department of Public Works, is pleased to announce Fortistar Methane Group as a new partner in the restoration activities at the Foothill Open Space site located near the County Complex on Calle Real. In honor of Earth Day, Fortistar has donated $5,000 to be used for planting more native plants and to sponsor additional community planting days this spring and summer.

Since 2006, the County has worked to convert the closed Foothill Landfill to urban open space with help from the offices of Second District Supervisor, Janet Wolf, community volunteers including the “Friends of Foothill,” Growing Solutions Restoration Education Institute, and the State Department of Parks and Recreation. To date more than 5,000 native species plants have been planted on the 7 acres of restoration. The Foothill Open Space is becoming very popular with the local community, school and church groups, and environmentalists.

Fortistar Methane Group has already been working with RRWMD in a private-public partnership managing the Landfill Gas Green Energy Project at the Tajiguas Landfill. That operation collects enough clean and recycled landfill gas to power 2,500 local homes. Anthony Falbo, Vice President of Fortistar Methane Group, said, “Our partnership with the County on the Green Energy Project has been so successful that we were looking for ways to build on that. Our contribution to the Foothill Open Space efforts seems like a great way to give back to the community and enhance our Win-Win relationships with our stakeholders.”

Fortistar is a private company based in White Plains, NY, and manages 59 clean and renewable energy projects in the United States and Canada that produce enough power to supply almost 1 million homes. For more information about Fortistar, please contact David Comora at (914) 421-4900 or visit

The next Foothill Open Space Community Planting Day will be on May 30th. Volunteers should call Joddi Leipner, Foothill Open Space Project Manager, at (805) 882-3614.

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