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Rack Maps
These are large scale maps that were on large map boards or racks.

Spreadsheet Index
Title Excel Size
Rack Maps 01/24/2011 <1 MB

Alameda Padre Serra Assessment Dist.
Alameda Padre Serra Location*
Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Eddy Tract
Eddy Tract, Revised
Electric Car Line
Electric Car Line, Corrected*
Florence Tract
Franklin Heights
Hawley Heights 1905*
Hawley Heights 1906
Hollister Ranch, West Division
Hope Ranch Park 1
Hope Ranch Park 2
Hoyt Tract
Juan B. Careaga Tract, Partition
La Serena
Las Piedras Addition, Santa Barbara 1888
Las Piedras Addition, Santa Barbara 1902
Lewis Ranch, Division*
Live Oaks 1909*
Live Oaks 1912 Addition*
Live Oaks 1913 Addition
Mission Ridge Road, Westerly End
Mission Ridge Road, Westerly End, Corrected*
Montecito Land Co.
Ortega Ranch, Portion
Pedregosa Tract
Rafaela Cemetery Association
Rancho Canada De Los Pinos, Subdivisions
Rancho De La Vega, Partition
Rancho Guadalupe, Subdivisions
Rancho Lompoc, Plat
Rancho Los Alamos, Orena Portion Sheet 1
Rancho Los Alamos, Orena Portion Sheet 2
Rancho Nuestra Senora del Refugio, Orella Portion
Rancho Punta de la Laguna, Goldtree Division
Rancho San Julian, Part Rancho Las Cruces, Dibblee
Rancho Santa Rosa Portion Sheet 1
Rancho Santa Rosa Portion Sheet 2
Riviera Sheet 1*
Riviera Sheet 2
Rockland Tract, Subdivided Storke
Santa Barbara Cemetery
Santa Barbara County 1909
Santa Barbara Pueblo Lands
Santa Barbara Water Supply Land
Santa Maria 1883
Santa Maria Divisions 1878
Sections 2, 3, 10, 11-T9N-R33W
Sunny Slope Addition, Santa Barbara 1888
Sunny Slope Addition, Santa Barbara 216
Town of Carpinteria 1887
Town of Carpinteria 1889
Town of Guadalupe
Town of Los Olivos 1888
Town of San Buenaventura
Town of St. Joseph
Town of Summerland
Tremonto Road*
W. M. Graham Tract

* Scans between 10 and 20 megabytes. All other scans are under 10 megabytes.

Date Last Updated: 3/03/2011

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