Water Agency Reports and Documents


2011 Santa Barbara County Groundwater Report    
Groundwater Basins Status Report, October 14, 2014
Water Availability Study for the San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin
Adequacy of the Groundwater Basins of Santa Barbara County

Cuyama Valley Groundwater Basin

Multi-Aquifer Monitoring Well Site, Cuyama Valley, 2010, (3.4 MB)
Geology, Water-Quality, Hydrology and Geomechanics of the Cuyama Valley Groundwater Basin, 2013, (6.9 MB)
Construction of a 3-D Geologic Framework and Textural Models for the Cuyama Valley Groundwater Basin, 2013, (6.8 MB)
Hydrologic Models and Analysis of Water Availability in the Cuyama Valley, California, revised 2015 (14 MB)
Cuyama Valley, California Hydrologic Study: An Assessment of Water Availability, revised 2015 (1.1 MB)
Cuyama Groundwater Basin Balance Summary, 2015

Cuyama Valley Water Availability Study Website

Ground Water in the Cuyama Valley California, 1951, USGS
Report (1.8 MB)
Map 1 (221 KB)
Map 2 (975 KB)      

Pumpage and Ground Water Storage Depletion in the Cuyama Valley California, 1970, USGS
Report (1.0 MB)
Map 1 (1.0 MB)
Map 2 (1.0 MB)


Cloud Seeding

Summary of Operations for Cloud Seeding Program for Santa Barbara County Water Year 2016
Santa Barbara County Cloud Seeding Program Mitigated Negative Declaration
Target Control Analysis
Santa Barbara County Cloud Seeding Summary of Results 
NAWC WM96-3 Potential Augmentation
Feasibility Study for Cloud Seeding Program in the Upper Cuyama River Drainage 2016

Other Reports

Lake Cachuma Results of 2013 Survey and Sedimentation Update and high resolution map (153K KB)

Long Term Supplemental Water Supply Alternatives
Report and Executive Summary.


Water Sources and Distribution in Santa Barbara County

Water Distribution from Santa Ynez River Reservoirs

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