San Antonio Ground Water Basin

This website features information on the Water Availability Study for the San Antonio Groundwater Basin.

Goal of Study:
 To quantify the quantity of groundwater in the San Antonio Basin, the connection between the supply and demand components of water use, and the potential availability of the water resources under current and alternative climatic and cultural water-use scenarios. 

USGS Website: Geohydrology and Water Availability of the San Antonio Creek Valley

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San Antonio Study Area

Information Sheets:
Project Description
Existing Groundwater Level Monitoring
Spatially Expanded Groundwater Level Monitoring 
Canvassing for Groundwater Level and Water Quality Monitoring
Streambed Electrical Resistivity Sensors
Stream Gauges and Heat Distribution Probes
Auger Sites
Mud Rotary Monitoring Wells

Previous Studies
Appraisal of Ground-Water Resources in the San Antonio Creek Valley
San Antonio Creek Coordinated Resource Management Plan
Development and Calibration of a Two-Dimensional Digital Model for the Analysis of the Ground-Water Flow System in the San Antonio Creek Valley
Geology and Ground Water of San Antonio Creek Valley
Ground Water Quality and Hydrology Data, San Antonio Creek Basin
Potential Effects of Increased Ground-Water Pumpage on Barka Slough, San Antonio Creek Valley
Digital Tabulation of Stratigraphic Data from Oil and Gas Wells in the Santa Maria Basin and Surrounding Areas, Central Coast California

Water Agency Presentation, Public Meeting July 10th, 2014
USGS Presentation, Public Meeting July 10th, 2014
USGS Presentation, Consultation Committee, March 25th, 2015
Basin Boundary Modification Workshop, January 12th, 2016

Study Agreement and Scope of Work
List of Resources 
2011 Santa Barbara County Groundwater Report (triennial report)
DWR Water Management Planning Tool
Groundwater 101 Presentation
County Stream Gages
USGS National Water Information System

In accordance with the
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, the Water Agency will be participating in a Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the San Antonio Groundwater Basin. Visit the County's webpage for more information. 

Photos from Auger Drilling and SERS site, October, 2015
Photos of a SERS and Temperature Probe Installation, March, 2016

Consultation Committee Members

USGS Santa Maria Field Office Staff
3130 Skyway Drive, Suite 602
Santa Maria, CA 93455
Stuart Hill
Field Office Chief
805-928-9538 x12: Office
510-427-7091: Cell

Approximate Timeline

Directed by Board of Directors to conduct outreach – October 15, 2013
Presentation at Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting - February 5, 2014
Presentation at Cattlemen's Association - May 14, 2014
Public Meeting in Los Alamos - July 10, 2014
Presentation at County Farm Bureau - July 15, 2014
Presentation at Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting - August 6, 2014
Presentation at Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting - October 1, 2014
Informal meetings with Cachuma Resource Conservation District Board of Directors
Approved by the Board of Supervisors on November 4, 2014  
The project duration will be about 4 years

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