Long Term Supplemental Water Supply Alternatives Report

The County Board of Supervisors has directed the Water Agency to undertake a study of local water supply options available now and into the future. The scope of the report includes characterization of the feasibility, reliability, and cost of multiple water supply options including recycled water, desalination, reservoir desilting or modification, additional surface water storage, groundwater recharge or banking, non-local supplies, State Water Project options, and water transfers, among others. The County has contracted with RMC Water and Environment as consultants to conduct the study and assist with public outreach and formation of a Planning Partners group. The project took approximately one year to complete and will be before the Board on December 15, 2015.  

View the Final Report and Executive Summary.

The report is an important piece of the Water Agency mission to respond to current drought conditions, study existing and potential new water supplies, and prepare for water supply and demand into the future.

Water Supply Report Graphic

Public Meeting Information:
Public Meeting Presentation - September 29th and 30th, 2014
Video Link - Santa Maria Public Meeting
Video Link - Santa Barbara Public Meeting 

Project Purpose:
To identify and characterize solutions to meet water supply needs through 2040.

Project Goals:
1. Understand and document sub-regional needs.
2. Identify comprehensive list of sub-regional, regional and inter-regional supply options.
3. Characterize feasibility, reliability, cost, and implementation considerations for options.
4. Involve technical planning partners and public in the process.
5. Provide technical basis for future decision making.

Project Process

Key Dates:
Public Meetings - Fall, 2014
Develop Supply Options List - Winter, 2014-15
Option Development - Winter, 2014-15
Cost Estimating - Spring, 2015
Systems Modeling and Analyses - Spring, 2015
Final Report - Dec 2015

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