Fire Recovery Resources

These pages contain useful information to assist property owners and renters in the Jesusita Fire and Tea Fire Burn Areas. 

Tea Fire Burn Area Rebuild Information: Property owners with damage from the Tea Fire should see the Planning & Development Tea Fire Resources web page.

Aerial Hydromulching In Jesusita Fire Burn Area -  The County is working to help stabilize the hillsides burned during the Jesusita Fire in order to help reduce the downstream risk of flooding and debris flows this winter. The County has hired experts in aerial hydromulching to coat about 1,050 acres with an organic mulch with specially equipped planes.  Depending on progress and weather conditions, the work could last until early October, including weekends. More hydromulching information.

Jesusita Burn Area Rebuild Information

Case managers have been assigned to properties damaged and/or destroyed. A list of affected properties showing the case manager assigned is available under the Damage Reports and maps section Jesusita Fire - Listing of damaged or destroyed properties as of May 28, 2009.   Contact the Case Manager assigned to obtain information on the rebuild process.  If the property is serviced by a septic tank, the case manager will need to know where the septic tank is located.  Please also include any past service records of septic tank service.  The property owner will then apply for a demolition permit. All fees will be deferred until a building permit is ready to be picked up.  All permits will be a priority of the Planning and Development Department. 
A Jesusita Fire Recovery Ombudsperson is available to assist property owners.  Ms. Pat Saley, Jesusita Fire Recovery Ombudsperson, 805-560-1098, via email,  can assist residents and property owners with any issues regarding the rebuilding process in the County. 

Contact the County Planning and Development Department:

123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101-2058
805-568-2090 or 805-568-3030 

Hours: 9:00a.m.- 12:00p.m and 1:30p.m.- 4:00p.m. M, Tues, W, F 
          10:00a.m.- 12:00p.m. and 1:30p.m.- 4:00p.m. Thursday 

Property Tags
County Building and Safety officials have inspected properties that sustained fire damage and tagged them with one of three tags which indicate structural safety:  a red tag indicates a structure is unsafe to occupy; a yellow tag indicates that limited entry is possible and residents should enter at their own risk; a green tag indicates that the property was inspected and deemed safe to occupy.  Areas unaffected by the fire will not be tagged.  If your property has a red tag, the structure is unsafe to occupy.

Damage Reports and Maps 

Jesusita Fire - Listing of damaged or destroyed properties as of May 28, 2009

Jesusita Fire Progression Map - Flash map of the fire's daily progress.

Santa Barbara - Goleta Fire History 1898 – 2009 

South Coast Fire History 1898 - 2009 

Jesusita Fire Damage Assessment - West 

Jesusita Fire Damage Assessment - East

NASA Aerial Image of Jesusita and Tea Fire Burn Areas 

Jesusita, Tea and Gap Fires using Google Maps 

Tea Fire Maps and Imagery - Planning & Development