Coping & Counseling

A wildfire may be something you never forget and something that is emotionally traumatic as well. Overall, disaster victims encounter high levels of stress and need time to restore their emotional equilibrium. When dealing with these emotions, it is important to remember to...

Be extra patient. Don't expect things to instantly go back to normal, accept that physical and emotional restoration takes time.

  • Realize that the emotions of victims will change quickly and unexpectedly. It's natural for disaster victims to express disbelief, anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression.
  • Consider the feelings of children, they need to feel they can count on you for love and support and may need extra attention. Make sure they do not think they are responsible for the problems you are going through.
  • Try to keep your family's diet as nourishing as possible during times of crisis.
  • Keep in mind that your spouse's viewpoint on what is of high priority may differ from yours.
  • Ask for counseling and make use of local support networks such as the American Red Cross.

Santa Barbara Red Cross -  Family Services Agency Website 

2-1-1 is an easy to remember phone number for non-emergency information and referral, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. 2-1-1 is to health and human services what 911 is to emergency services.

County Mental Health Services - Referrals to Mental Health Services clinics.