Financial Resources

(FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency - Tea Fire
Provides disaster grants and loans to individuals, businesses, communities, and states. FEMA also coordinates federal responses to disaster, provides disaster education, and advising. FEMA's Rental Assistance Program can also help eligible renters and landowners find temporary housing and assist with the costs.
 Phone: (800) 621-FEMA
Website:  Also see the Use Disaster Funds Wisely publication. 

California Governors Office of Emergency Services
Coordinates state response to major disasters, receives and distributes FEMA money to county offices of emergency services.
Phone: (916) 845-8100

United States Small Business Administration
Offers low-interest, long-term loans to eligible victims of disasters. If 40 percent or more of your original property value has been damaged, you plan to rebuild, or do not have enough credit to cover your mortgage payments. Small Business Administration may be able to help refinance and reduce your mortgage payments. 

Application filing deadlines - Jesusita Fire

Physical Damage:  July 20, 2009

Economic Damage: February 22, 2009

Phone: (800) 488-5323

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Assistance - What You Need To Know

Fact Sheet for U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans - California Dry Lightening Wildfires June to August 2008

Fact Sheet for U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans - California Wildfires Beginning November 2008 

If a wildfire disaster causes financial hardship, and you are unable to pay financial institutions or creditors, contact them directly. Tell them about your disaster situation and request that your payments be delayed or reduced. Make sure to communicate all agreements and terms in writing. If you feel that credit counseling would be beneficial to you, contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at or by calling (800) 388-2227.

Tax Relief

County of Santa Barbara Property Tax Relief Form - property tax relief for owners who have suffered property damage due to major disaster or individual misfortune.

If you cannot pay federal or state income taxes on time because of a wildfire disaster, you may be able to obtain an extension. The Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board extend certain tax deadlines for disaster victims without charging interest or penalty fees.

U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Phone: (800) 829-3676

State of California Franchise Tax Board
Phone: (800) 338-0505

California Employment Development Department
If you cannot work due to a wildfire disaster, you may be eligible for disaster unemployment assistance or unemployment insurance benefits. If you are able to work, seeking work, willing to accept a suitable job, and fulfill additional criteria, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance through the California Employment Development Department.
Phone: (800) 300-5616