Santa Barbara County Employees' Retirement System "SBCERS"


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January 7, 2015
 SB Office Address Announcement


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November 2015 Retiree News:
 Health Insurance Open Enrollment
 Closed at 5pm, October 30th
Next opportunity to make insurance changes is October 2016.

 Board of Retirement

 Operations Committee Meeting November 13, 2015


  RFP - Referee Services    deadline September 25, 2015


 SBCERS Retirement Board Seats

Jennifer Christensen was elected by the General Members to a full term.  The Board of Supervisors ordered that no Retired Member elections be held and the Clerk of the Board cast unanimous ballots in favor of sole nominated members Zandra Cholmondeley and John McMillin to full terms, with Mr. McMillin serving as as the alternate retired member.  The Board of Supervisors appointed Al Rotella and Jonathan Ziegler to full terms as appointed members.  All full terms are effective January 1, 2015, and run until December 31, 2017.  Each of these members are incumbents, except for Mr. Ziegler.