Santa Barbara County Employees' Retirement System "SBCERS"

Board Policies


   A. Charters

        Board of Retirement Charter


        Vice Chair 


       Chief Executive Officer

        Operations Committee

   B. By-Laws  

   C. Communications Policy  

   D. Board Policy Development Process 


Board of Retirement

   A. Code of Conduct   

   B. Conflict of Interest Code   

   C. Trustee Education Policy   

   D. Trustee Elections Policy   

   E. Trustee Travel Policy    

   F. SACRS Delegate Policy

   G. Meeting Material Distribution Policy



    A. Budget Approval Process   

    B. Interest Crediting and Available Earnings Policy        

    C. Public Records Act Policy   

    D. Service Provider Selection Policy   

    E. Pension Enhancement Review Policy   

    F. Employer Records Audit Policy

   G. Normal Retirement Age Regulations

   H. Record Retention Policy

    I.  Errors, Corrections and Collections Policy

   J.  CEO Review Guidelines




   A. Disability Retirement Procedures  

   B. Effective Date Policy  

   C. Retention of Assignment of Referees Policy 



   A. Investment Policy Statement   

   B. Proxy Voting Policies   

   C. Placement Agent Policy   

   D. Securities Litigation Policy    

   E. Consultant Oversight Policy


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