Department of Social Services

Foster Care

Protecting Children and Preserving Families

Foster Care Licensing Program

Child Welfare Services of Santa Barbara County provides social workers specializing in helping families obtain foster care licenses who service all areas of the county.  Licensed Foster Parents provide a crucial service by taking care of children until they can be returned to their parents or be placed in an adoptive home.

Our services include:

  • Providing an Orientation for persons interested in becoming licensed foster parent(s) and or adoptive parents(s)
  • Providing classes for person(s) who are interested in becoming licensed foster parents(s) and/or who are wanting to adopt a child through Child Welfare Services
  • Licensing foster homes and adoptive homes
  • Approving relatives and persons who have a relationship with a foster child for placement consideration
  • Investigating complaints in relation to our foster homes and relative care

We can consult and answer any question regarding the Foster Care Licensing Process.

Foster Parenting

Children involved with Child Welfare Services may enter the Foster Care System due to abuse, abandonment, neglect and/or because of an incapacitated caretaker/parent.  Foster Parents open their homes, providing a temporary safe haven for these children.  Often, once the birth parents demonstrate that they are able to meet the basic needs of their children and keep them safe, children are returned to them.  If a child is unable to return home, Child Welfare Services finds alternative care for the child with adoption being the first choice.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or would like more information, please contact the Foster Parent Information Line at: 1-866-899-2649.

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