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The One-Stop Workforce Resource Center (WRC), with convenient locations in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, is a partnership of public, non-profit and community-based organizations.  Our mission is to provide training, education and employment services for job seekers and employers in a single, customer-friendly system.  The WRC system is open to any member of the public.

Santa Barbara

Workforce Resource Center

130 E. Ortega Street

(805) 568-1296

Santa Maria

Workforce Resource Center

1410 S. Broadway

(805) 614-1550

Additionally, Santa Barbara County receives funding from the State and Federal Governments to provide services per the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).  WIA aims to increase the employment, job retention, earnings and occupational skills of the workforce, including adults, youth, and dislocated workers.  Job-seekers must make a serious commitment to this non-entitlement program, in exchange for which they may qualify for comprehensive assessments; career counseling; and referrals or funding for occupational training, on-the-job training, and skill upgrades or retraining. 

You may also visit us at to access our new INTER-LINK website where you will find useful information and tools for both job seekers and employers such as Labor Market Information, Career Exploration Information, Resume Writing Assistance, Job Posting and Recruitment Services; and many other enhanced internet-based resources.

A 29-member Workforce Investment Board, consisting of executives from local business organizations as well as public and private sector community leaders, oversees strategic initiatives, policies and performance outcomes.  Programs and services are carried out by the WRC system.

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