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Health Coverage

Do you need health coverage for yourself or your family? You may qualify for free coverage from Medi-Cal, or affordable insurance through Covered California.

Medi-Cal is a public health coverage program for those with limited incomes, or another qualifying factor. You can apply for Medi-Cal year-round.

Covered California is the state's online health insurance marketplace, where you can comparison-shop for private health insurance. Buying through Covered California gives you access to subsidies (based on income) that may reduce your cost (premiums and/or co-pays). You can enroll in affordable health insurance from Covered California during the Open Enrollment period each winter. Open Enrollment for 2019 Covered California plans runs from October 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, you can only enroll within 60 days of certain qualifying life events such as getting married, having a child, losing your employer-provided health coverage, or moving. For more information, call 1-888-975-1142, or visit

Which one do I qualify for? You and your family may be eligible for free coverage from Medi-Cal, affordable insurance through Covered California, or both. This chart shows some examples. There is "no wrong door" to coverage: if you apply for one and don’t qualify because of income, you’ll be referred to the other. If you like, you can use the Shop & Compare Tool on Covered California to see what you may qualify for.

Is coverage required? The federal Health Care Reform law now requires most Americans and legal residents to have health insurance coverage. The coverage can be from an employer, the individual market, like Covered California policies, or a public program, like Medi-Cal or Medicare. See our Health Care Reform page for more information.



I would like to thank your good office for the time and effort you spent providing assistance on behalf of my son's medical bills. I appreciate it very much!
-A Client

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